• Low Flow (Light Blue) $5.95 MWLB
  • High Flow (Lavender) $5.95 MWL

Simple in design, the Senninger Mini-Wobblers available from DripWorks offer advanced capabilities. The rotation of the grooved deflector works with the wobbling action to provide uniform watering. Mini-Wobbler irrigation provides gentle watering over a large area at low pressure. Low-angle trajectory and large droplets also reduce wind drift.

These products are great for flower beds, ground cover and outdoor nurseries as well as for seed starting and frost protection. Choose from low-flow or high-flow models.


  • 1/2" male pipe thread (MPT) base
  • Operating pressure: 15 - 25 PSI
  • Flow output varies with pressure, see chart in details tab
  • Use with the Mini-Wobbler Riser Adapter (MWRA)
  • (MWRA), Sled Base (MSLED), or Metal Stake (MGDSM)
  • Inverted Mini-Wobblers for greenhouse use are also available
NozzleAt 15 PSIAt 20 PSIAt 25 PSI
13.25' at 1.5' height
30 GPH
14' at 1.5' height
33.6 GPH
14.5' at 1.5' height
MWL 100.2 GPH
17.75' at 1.5' height
117 GPH
19.25' at 1.5' height
130.8 GPH
19.5' at 1.5' height

Customer Reviews

Best garden irrigation sprinkler I have found. Inexpensive, durable, and simple. Gives a great even watering pattern. Highly recommend!
Great products
Sutherland farm
We are pleased with these sprinklers.
Love these Wobblers! Germination rates increased 100% of direct seeded beds. Low pressure requirements. I should have ordered these to begin with.

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