Magnetic Water Conditioning

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Magnetically treated water has been used in Europe and Asia for many years. In the past 10 years this "new" idea has become widespread in the United States. It requires no pipe cutting, electricity or maintenance and lasts virtually forever. Simply attach the magnet over the pipe with the included zip ties.

Magnetic water conditioning sets can help solve hard water problems in your irrigation system, house or business by changing the molecular structure of water as it passes through a magnetic field. The magnetic charge suspends lime/calcium so that it no longer attaches to the walls of pipes or to drip emitters. They even remove existing deposits which then get flushed out of the system. An added benefit is that the minerals will then be available for your plants to utilize for healthy growth.

Do not install underground or on iron pipe!

How to Use Water Conditioning Magnets
For home use, the MAG2 unit is comprised of two sets of MAG1 magnets; one installed on the cold water line where it enters the home and the second on the output pipe of the hot water tank. The magnets can work on PVC or copper water lines (they do not work on galvanized or iron pipe). These magnet units will help reduce mineral buildup on pipes and increase the efficiency of hot water heaters and other water appliances. Toilet and tub stains are drastically reduced. Existing scale in your water heater and plumbing system is magnetically dissolved in the water. The result is an appreciable savings in energy and money!

We Can Provide Relief From Your Hard Water Problems
Magnetic water conditioning solves the problems that softening is designed to solve, but without adding salts. This can result in better tasting water as there is an actual reduction in the size of the water molecules. The small, magnetized water molecules have a greater solvency and a magnetic attraction that results in cleaner bathing and washing, and dramatically reduces the gases and foul taste of sulfur, chlorine, fluoride, etc. Calcium deposits in spigots, shower heads and toilets will soften and dissolve. Water spotting is reduced on glass and tile. The Magnetizer® must be installed for a period of 90 days to allow time to solve each unique hard water situation.

How long does it take for magnets to start working?
The more often water flows through the system and the greater the volume of water, the more quickly mineral scale will dissolve. Many people report positive effects within 2-3 days, but allow at least 90 days for full effect

MAG1: Use on 1/2" - 1" Pipe

MAG2: Use on 1/2" - 1" Pipe

MAG3: Use on 1" Pipe

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