High-Phos Soft Rock Phosphate 0-13-0

High-Phos Soft Rock Phosphate 0-13-0

  • 5 lb $25.95 VGPBAT
  • 22 lb $54.95 VGPBAT22

If your plants are small and unproductive, they probably need phosphorus. Begin to use High-Phos Soft Rock Phosphate when plants and trees show signs of fruiting and flowering.

All Vital Earth® fertilizers are carefully gathered and handled to provide you with an unbeatable source of vital nutrients without additives or fillers.

Vital Earth's® High-Phos Soft Rock Phosphate 0-13-0 is for the gardener intent on maximizing the production of fruiting and flowering plants and trees nearing the end of their vegetative growth. Phosphorus is important for root, fruit and flower development. 0-13-0 is for those heavy feeders from which you expect to achieve the highest of yield such as peppers, melons or pumpkins.

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