Fertilizing your Garden, Maximizing your Gardens Potential

Fertilizing your Garden, Maximizing your Gardens Potential

May 16th 2017

The type of fertilizer you use will affect the performance and quality of your finished product, choose the right fertilizer to maximize your gardens potential. Understandably, some of us may do nothing but hook up our drip system and plant. But here are some recommendations to help you develop a balanced long term approach critical for optimum growth and a spectacular garden.

Mycorrhizal Inoculant

  • Provides nutrients that are in your soil to the plants roots
  • Enhanced plant efficiency in absorbing water and nutrients
  • Enhanced plant growth, health, and stress resistance
  • Enhanced seedling growth and rooting of cuttings

High Phosphorus Bat Guano 0-10-0

Important for root, fruit, and flower development this fertilizer is for those heavy feeders from which you expect the highest yield such as tomatoes, peppers, melons, squash, or pumpkins. Use this product in the beginning stages of flowering and fruiting.

High Nitrogen Bat Guano 9-3-1

This bat guano is good for all plants in their early vegetative stages of growth and in general all leafy plants such as lettuces, kale, spinach, etc. The lack of odor makes it very friendly to use. Mix in your soil or top dress.

Liquid or Granular Baseline Humus

Liquid or Granular Baseline HumusHumus is the foundation of good soil and provides many benefits that fertilizer alone cannot accomplish. Either pre-mix baseline into your soil or top dress around the root zone of plants. Baseline liquid can be injected into a dosing system (see below) or as an ideal ingredient in compost tea.

Grow More 20-20-20 is an all-purpose balanced synthetic formula for most plants, crops, or trees that promotes the health and vigor of your plants. Completely water soluble, it can be added to a drip system through a fertilizer injector. You may also like the 10-52-10 and the 30-10-10 formula.

Fertilizer injectors can help us simplify the fertilizing process of our plants. Most fertilizer will adapt easily into a drip irrigation system. Fertilizer injectors are an efficient way to deliver liquid nutrients directly to the plant’s roots.

EZ Flo

For backyard gardeners, small farmers, or commercial landscapers, getting nutrients to the root zone while reducing fertilizer run-off is possible when you use this injector. The low pressure tank sits on the ground near your faucet. Just fill the tank with dry or liquid fertilizer, set the adjustment valve, and the fertilizer solution will automatically flow through your drip system when the system is running.


The most accurate and easy to maintain pump style injector we have found, this is the best injector for the professional grower and is a great choice for organic fertilizers. Simple to install, operate, and maintain, it reliably meters the solution into your drip line.

Composting will add organic material to your soil which will help plants grow. Adding compost to your garden has huge benefits.

  • Can help moderate soil temperature
  • Provide plants with extra nutrients
  • Helps soil retain water longer
  • Reduce the amount of trash that you throw away

Bokashi Kitchen Composter

Bokashi is a Japanese term meaning “fermented organic matter”. During traditional composting, nutrients are lost due to heat and evaporation. The cold composting system provided by “Bokashi” will retain the nutrients that are normally lost. In its five gallon bucket, it is the most efficient and greenest method of composting producing no greenhouse gasses, and will supercharge the natural biology of your soil. Compost is usually completed in 2-4 weeks after being buried.

The Worm Factory

Turn your kitchen waste into nutrient rich compost. No turning required, and virtually odorless, this composter has a very small footprint (16″ x 16″). You too can be a worm farmer!

Maximize the health and growth of your garden, landscape, or commercial venture with the fertilizers, fertilizer injectors, and composting methods mentioned in this blog. DripWorks wants to help you have a wonderful and sustainable garden.