If you’re looking for a fast and easy solution for installing your irrigation system, a drip irrigation valve manifold may be the right course for you. This is the easiest drip irrigation manifold system to use. Drip irrigation manifolds can be put together in minutes. A PVC manifold allows you to put the valves closer together than using standard PVC fittings. In addition, by using a manifold, you can quickly align valves and easily add on to your watering systems.

DripWorks carries a big selection of drip irrigation manifolds, parts and accessories, making it easy to find the right sprinkler manifold parts to build, upgrade or repair your system. Choose from a wide variety of configurations to suit your needs. These include a system set up for four valves. A Senninger Pressure Limit Valve (PRLV), which can handle constant pressure for the whole system, allows you to use a single regulator for multiple valves. We also carry plenty of parts and supplies, like O-rings.

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