Senninger Limit Valve

Senninger Limit Valve

  • 10 PSI $21.95 PRLV10
  • 20 PSI $21.95 PRLV20
  • 30 PSI $21.95 PRLV30
  • 40 PSI $21.95 PRLV40
  • 50 PSI $21.95 PRLV50

These regulators can operate under constant pressure. This means that you can use a single pressure regulator for multiple zones. This regulator must be located after the filter, since it is designed to work with clean water. Preset pressure from 10, 20, 30, 40, or 50 PSI and flow rates from 0.5- 18 GPM.

These are 3/4" FPT Inlet x 3/4" FPT Outlet

Customer Reviews

Excellent. Solved my pressure problem. Easy install. Very effective.
Only pressure reducing valve if you have multiple zones.
The Senninger PRLV is the only pressure reducing valve that I've found (other than expensive metal ones) that works under static pressure. I've had one in service for a couple of summers and it has worked perfectly.
Great Valve
I have used drip irrigation systems for almost 30 years now and have left installed systems in 5 states. One problem I always had was the failure of the in line regulators unless a dedicated regulator and valve was assigned to each branch to keep the pressure off the regulator when not in use. This constant pressure regulator valve fixes that problem. I now only need one regulator and can create a multiple branched system with just the valves which are now down stream. A great improvement in my systems.

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