CETA PC Emitters on Stake

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  • Rachel - Sep 12th 2019

    Good emitter but weak barbs

    I originally loved these, but they break off at the barb very easily when moving lines around. If you are setting up a garden and not moving things it would probably work fine. We used on plants that we sell and they break with the slightest movement and can't be reused after the barb is broken off. This was only after a few months of use.

  • Steve - Jun 28th 2018

    Simple & effective irrigation emitter

    I incorporated more than 200 of these single- and double-barb pressure-compensating emitters in my garden irrigation system. The emitters install quickly, and are easy to place exactly where I want the water to go. Several of the emitters (less than 1% of the ones installed) ejected a stream of water rather than the desired trickle. This was easily fixed by unscrewing the cap and re-seating the small washer-type flapper that regulates water flow. After this simple fix, all emitters produce a uniform 1 GPH even in my sloped garden. Highly recommended.

  • charlotte - Apr 4th 2018

    always a pleasure to deal with

    I have been ordering your products for 6 years and always find what I need and received the order the advice and videos!

  • Linda - Aug 26th 2017

    Great in-line emitter

    My favorites, stake keeps dripper out of the dirt

  • Richard - Jun 13th 2017

    DripWorks My Go To

    Finally found what I needed for my drip system. I will be using DripWorks for all my irrigation needs.

  • Laraine Willkie - Mar 14th 2014

    In-line Emmitters

    I love these little guys, they are the Steady Eddy in my irrigation system, adjustable spray pattern and never clog up, I have had several that have latterly lasted for several years. Perfect for small area watering and work well in Medium or large outdoor pots


These are the only in-line emitters available that are pressure compensating. They are exactly the same as the CETA PC emitters above, but are on 4" stakes. The in-line emitters are all 1 GPH and they can be taken apart for easy cleaning. They have 1/4" barbs on the inlet and outlets. Up to 15 of these in-line emitters can be run on a single line of 1/4" tubing. All of these emitters operate in a pressure range of 10 to 50 PSI.

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