Cut flower 10 Best Cut Flowers for Beautiful Bouquets

Cut flower 10 Best Cut Flowers for Beautiful Bouquets

May 3rd 2024

Gifting floral bouquets goes beyond a goodwill gesture and conveys a deep sense of emotions ranging from love to admiration and gratitude. While you can use different types of buds and blossoms, cut flowers are typically used to make fancy and luxurious-looking bouquets.

Here, we will explore the ten best-cut flowers you can grow and personalize stunning floral arrangements for your family or loved ones. Keep reading to find out.

Top Cut Flower Properties

By 2027, the global cut flower market is estimated to rise by 4.6%. We can attribute this exponential growth and increasing reliance on cut flowers to the following unique properties.

1. Diversity

Diversity in color and aesthetic qualities, cut flowers breathe life into special occasions, including weddings, anniversaries, birthdays, and other personal celebrations.

2. Cultivation

Cut flowers are simple to grow. They need fertilizers in small quantities and grow throughout the summer; they like the heat.

3. Seasonal Availability

Fresh-cut flowers are commercially available year-round, especially in early spring and summer months like March, April, and May.

10 Best Flowers to Make Beautiful Bouquets

Below, we discuss the ten hot-selling cut flower varieties you can use in bouquets.

1. Fragrant Roses

Roses are timeless. Their robust stems, calming fragrance, and endless appealing varieties make them ideal for bouquets. Many flower enthusiasts prefer red, white, and pink roses. However, roses with orange and black hues are also well-liked because of their unique pigmentation. Roses require deep watering.

Appealing rose varieties also include:

  • Spray roses: Unscented with multiple blooms in a single stem
  • Tea roses: Single blossom with a long stem and lasting fragrance
  • Floribunda: Small size with a slim, clustering pattern
  • Grandiflora: Hybrid type offering a blend of tea rose and floribunda

2. Endearing Tulips

Tulips are excellent filler flowers in bouquets. Not only do they stand out from the other varieties, but they also enhance the shape and magnificence of other flowers placed next to them. Tulip arrangements work best for birthdays and multi-colored, exotic patterns are perfect for elaborate wedding-style bouquets.

Some gorgeous tulip varieties you can pick from:

  • Candy Club: Rosy, white with elongated petals
  • Fringed Tulips: Sharp and long stems with vibrant hues
  • Darwin Hybrids: Bold, giant blooms with a symmetrical body
  • Toronto: Jasper red and orange petals with cup-shaped flowers
  • Double Earlies: Harlequin varieties with a double row of petals

3. Fine Dahlias

With their intricate pattern and magnetic beauty, Dahlias are good at capturing your interest. As cut flowers, they last for days without compromising their novelty and fragrance, making them ideal for personalized bouquets. The flawless ball-shaped and pompom dahlias look classic no matter where you place them in your bunch of flowers.

  • Ball dahlias: Some appealing ball-shaped varieties are white, creamy Ryecroft Jan, dark purplish Moor Place, beautiful bronze-colored Cornell, deep-red Aurora's Kiss, and peachy orange David Howards.
  • Pompom dahlias: Popular pompon varieties include pink honeycomb-like Franz-Kafka dahlias, dense, salmon Jan Van Schaffelaar dahlias, purple, black Plum Surprise, and Wizard of Ozs with a soft white tone and a hint of rose color.

4. Attractive Lilies

Top selling in the cut flower market, Lily flowers come in numerous bold and creamy shades with or without the scent. They are available throughout the season and offer many choices in shapes, sizes, stem lengths, and leaves. You can select from white, yellow, orange, or dark pink to convey your unique message through sweet lilies.

The best lilies you can use for cutting flowers and bouquets are:

  • Asiatic Lilies: Upright, scentless flowers with a versatile color scheme
  • Oriental Lilies: Fragrant, large blooms in striking white and raspberry hues

5. Adorable Daisies

Daisies are common wildflowers growing with slim, white petals around a spectacular yellow core. Delicate in touch, these adorable flowers add everlasting grace and glamor to your home-grown bouquets. Having a muted color pallet, they give a more casual bohemian style feel when paired with other bright flowers and natural greenery.

Popular daisies for bouquets include the following:

  • Shasta Daisies: White herbaceous petals around a vibrant yellow center
  • English Daisies: Round, spoon-shaped rosettes in a shell-pink tone
  • Gerbera Daisies: Bicolored, slender petals in multiple varieties

6. Lovely Lavenders

Plump and pure lavender flowers are excellent for bouquets, not just for their calming fragrance but also for their graceful appearance and easy growth. Using them as filler flowers, both fresh and dry, you can arrange a stunning bunch of flowers with larger blooms like peonies, roses, and tulips.

The best cut-flower lavender varieties for home-grown bouquets are:

  • Hidcote: Deep purple and aromatic evergreen shrub with narrow leaves
  • Intermedia: A prolific hybrid variety of English and Portuguese Lavender
  • French: Small pastel purple blooms with a bold fragrance

7. Darling Hydrangea

Hydrangeas are showy and voluminous flowers, perfect for homemade and wedding-style bouquets. They attract attention with their rich emerald and subtle pastel shades and add depth, personality, and texture to other blooms. However, since the flowers wilt easily after being cut, hydrangeas require appropriate care to keep their vitality.

Pick the following hydrangeas for cut flower cultivation:

  • Mophead: Big flowers in pink, lavender, and blue shades
  • Nikko Blue: Low-maintenance shrub with round, blue flowers
  • Tokyo Delight: Delicate, white florets that darken with age
  • Endless Summer: Luscious, reblooming shrub with part shade affinity

8. Pretty Buttercups

Ranunculus, or buttercup flowers, have lustrous yellow petals growing on long green stems. These little cultivars will make the most adorable floral bouquets or be added as part of a bouquet with other flowers. You can easily keep them alive in partial shade and a bucket full of water for over a week.

While many buttercup varieties are available, the most common type for bouquets is:

Ranunculus asiaticus: Resembling a rose, asiaticus (Persian buttercup) is known for its eclectic color pallet and ethereal beauty.

9. Soft Baby's-Breath

Don't underestimate the beauty of baby's breath. With its light color scheme and lovely, balanced odor, it adds a touch of elegance to any setting. And the best part? It lasts nearly eight days, making it a reliable choice for floral bouquets for any special occasion.

Look for the following baby-breaths for bouquets:

  • Gypsophila Xlence: Snowy white, scented, and large blooms
  • Gypsophila Perfecta: Thin, gray-green blooms
  • Gypsophila Million Star: Small and delicate white flowers, like stars in the sky

10. Elegant Peonies

Peonies, with their big, romantic petals in a variety of colors, are a true delight. Blooming in late spring and early summer, these beauties can last about ten days with their lobed leaves before turning brown. As cut flowers for bouquets, they blend beautifully with other rich varieties like daisies and garden roses, adding a touch of romance and elegance to any arrangement.

The ideal peonies for bouquets are:

  • Duchesse de Nemours: Globe-shaped double and white creamy petals
  • Sarah Bernhardt: Muffled pink tone with a charming scent
  • Coral Sunset: Peachy pink with compact flower heads and sturdy stems

The Bottom Line

Growing fresh-cut flowers for bouquets and floral setups is easy with the proper drip irrigation products and high-quality professional gardening tools. At DripWorks, we provide premium cutting gardening tools and accessories sourced from top brands for your convenience.