How to Keep Animals Cool During the Summer?

How to Keep Animals Cool During the Summer?

May 9th 2023

In summer, it isn't easy for animals and humans to cope with rising temperatures. It's vital to remember that if you are feeling hot and bothered, so do your animals. Therefore, knowing how to keep your animals cool in the summer is super important.

As temperatures start to climb, dogs, cats, rabbits, chickens, and livestock can suffer in the heat, especially in scorching areas. Keeping rooms and cages cool using fans is necessary, but you should do other things to prevent them from getting heatstroke and make this hot season more comfortable.

Most importantly, look out for any symptoms of heat stroke or stress in your animals when it's hot. Heat stroke is severe for our pets. If you notice they're drooling, vomiting, excessively panting, or showing lethargy, then get immediate medical help. So, stay aware of early signs of heat stress and heat stroke and follow the safety tips. We can help you keep your animals safe and cool this summer.

In this blog post, we'll share eight summer safety tips from certified veterinarians to keep your animals cool and happy during summer. Let's get started!

    Ways to Keep Your Animals Cool During the Summer

Here are eight tips to help your animals cool off in the warmer season:

  1. Provide lots of clean, cool water

The first and foremost rule of keeping animals cool in summer is to provide plenty of cool and clean water. Animals can get dehydrated quickly in hot weather. Therefore, offer fresh water throughout the day. Check water buckets and bowls regularly to make sure they're not contaminated. The water needs to be cleaned and changed regularly.

Placing many water sources around the yard is highly recommended. Your dogs, poultry, and cattle need water all the time. So, keep your water stations ready and make sure they don't empty.

  1. Keep small animals indoors

Caged animals like rabbits, birds, guinea pigs, and hamsters should be brought indoors during the hottest part of the day. You can keep them cooler by placing their cages in the empty bathtub or bathroom floor.

Cats should also be kept inside during peak hours to keep them cool in hot weather. Besides, use a fan for air circulation or place a cool, use a misting system to cool off outdoor areas, wet towel on their cage or a frozen water bottle in their cage. These tips keep your animals cool and healthy even on the hottest days.

  1. Create shade and cool down your patio

When it is hot outside, animals need a shady place to cool down. For it, create shade and cool down your yard. Plants are excellent insulators. So, it is best to grow them together around your chicken coops, dog kennels, and rabbit hutches to make them comfortable in summer. Use vines to cover the roof and walls.

Alternatively, add shade to cool your yard or patio area and cover the warm ground with cold, damp pads or towels so animals' paws don't get sore or burned. However, you can use paw wax to protect your pet's paws from heat.

  1. Avoid walking and playing in peak hours

Keep your animals indoors during the hottest hours of the day. Walk with your dog in the morning or evening to make walks pleasurable for both of you. Avoid walking or playing with your pet during peak daytime hours.

The best time to walk with your pooch is in the morning before the sun warms the ground. If you can't keep your hand on the ground for 5 seconds, it's too hot for your dog. However, if you need to go out, bring the water along and keep the activity moderate. Also, avoid walking them on asphalt and other hot surfaces.

  1. Use misting system

Use the misting system to protect your animals from high temperatures. The misting system removes the heat from the air and cools down the area. You can set this customizable system anywhere for small or large areas and target individual spaces.

If you're looking to install a quality misting system, DripWorks can help you. DripWorks provides a complete misting kit that is ideal for any animal environment. Our Backyard Misting Kit is a great way to beat the heat and keep your animals cool in summer.

  1. Take your animals swimming

If you have a garden hose or well, it is something your animals will love. Filling a backyard pool with cool water is a great way to let your dogs, geese, and ducks cool off, and if you have a water-loving cat.

Your animals will love playing around in the pool. Besides, watching your dogs and ducks splash in the garden would be fun. You can also take your dog to a nearby lake or pond as it's safe for them.

  1. Never leave your animals in the car

Many people love to bring their dogs and cats with them everywhere. And leave these poor animals in the car while shopping or drinking. It is life-threatening for animals. Cars heat up very quickly in summer. Therefore, it is advised to never leave your animals in the car for even a short time during summer.

If you are traveling with your pet, keep your car cool by running AC or opening a window for ventilation. But it is best to leave your animals at home in hot weather.

  1. Groom animals regularly

If your animals need a haircut, it's a perfect time to do it. As the weather gets hot, removing excess hair from the animals will help them stay cooler in summer.

However, don't shave double-coated animals because they rely on their fur to keep cool in hot weather. In addition, giving them a good gentle brush is also beneficial.

The Bottom Line

When temperatures get higher, take care of your animals the way you want to be taken care of with frozen treats, shady areas, hydration, and cool cages. Also, try to avoid walking them on hot surfaces. It's imperative to keep your animals cool and healthy during summer. We hope our tips make the process easier for you. With the proper care and help, your animals can enjoy the summer seasons as much as you do.

Lastly, if your pet shows any sign of stress or heatstroke, dampen the animal with cool water, don't use ice over the animal, and contact your veterinarian as quickly as possible.