How to Find a Leak in a Pond Liner

How to Find a Leak in a Pond Liner

Mar 3rd 2023

An artificial pond can provide your property aesthetic beauty as well as a dependable supply of water and a place for fish and wildlife to thrive. But a leaking pond liner can be quite problematic depending on the size and scale of the issue.

Fortunately, it is usually an easy problem to fix. DripWorks is happy to provide you these simple instructions on how to find a leak in a pond liner and repair it.

Finding the Leak

The first step in locating your pond liner's leak is to see if it really is a leak. During hot, dry weather, water will evaporate from your pond at a high rate. It is not uncommon for water levels to drop by 1 or 2 inches a week when it is hot outside.

If your pond has plumbing inflows and outflows or water features like fountains or waterfalls, you should first check to make sure these aren't the source of the leaks. If all the above check out, then it's time to inspect your pond liner.

It's easy to get a general idea of where the leak is simply by letting the water continue to drain out. When the water stops going down, you will be at the level where the leak is.

Now, closely inspect the liner. Large gashes should be obvious. Tiny pinpricks can be harder to see. Some folks empty a cup of colored, nontoxic liquid like condensed milk in their pond to create a trail that will lead them to the leak.

Patching Your Pond Liner

Once you have located the leak, it's time to assess the damage. If it is a reasonably small hole, you should be able to patch it. The process is not much more complicated than patching a bicycle tire tube. Pond repair kits are available to make a quick fix. These usually include primer, patches and a scrubbing pad as well as a roller and disposable gloves. To add additional strength and an aesthetic touch to your repair, consider using QuickSeam Cover Tape as well.

First, clean and dry the pond-liner material so the patch will adhere better. Then it's simply a matter of applying your primer and patch, making sure to install the patch on the liner firmly so it will stay put and prevent any more leaking.

In some cases, the hole may be too big to repair or your line may be old and weak and have multiple holes. Then it is time to consider installing a new pond liner.

If you have questions about your pond-liner project, call us toll-free or email us during normal business hours. Our friendly, knowledgeable staff will be happy to help you find the right solution.