How to Choose Landscape Lighting

How to Choose Landscape Lighting

Sep 19th 2023

With landscape lighting, your garden can transform magically into an enchanting space after sunset. The well-designed landscape lighting can complement and illuminate your outdoor space, making it a relaxing entertainment retreat after the sun goes down. The lighting transforms plants into artsy light and shadow. Most importantly, the proper landscape lighting brings safety to your front door. With a little creativity and an understanding of lighting techniques, you can transform your landscape into a stunning outdoor oasis.

The experts at DripWorks will help you choose the best landscape lighting to create a mesmerizing outdoor space and illuminate it after twilight approaches. Let's take a look at how to choose the right landscape lighting that suits your style, enhances the safety, and brightens up your landscape.

Decide Landscape Lighting Placement

Choosing a beautiful lighting design for your landscape centers all around where you need lighting and what part of the landscape you want to highlight. For it, walk around your yard and see the dark areas that could need a lighting boost. From paths and steps to gardens and decks, there is specialized lighting for each landscape feature.


To make your home safe at night, the pathway is a vital feature to light up with path lights. You don't need high illumination for it, so consider ambient lights for paths. Pathways lighting helps make people aware of the terrain to avoid any possible hazard and accident risk.

Decks and Patio

If you have a deck or patio in your yard, you will want to light it up at night. Decks and patios are outdoor spaces we use for relaxing and entertaining. Whether you plan to barbecue outside or have a casual meetup with friends, you will need lights to give your deck a fantastic look. The LED up-and-down wall light is excellent for washing light on the textured wall while casting light on your guests.

Front Door

Focus your landscape lighting on the front door of the home to help your visitors arrive safely. A wall-mounted light is perfect for the front door. You can highlight your house number with up and downlights or place the light over the door for additional illumination and a stunning effect on the entrance.

Steps and Stairs

Steps and stairways are crucial features for illumination as it helps prevent potential injury. You can brighten your steps with tread lights or install landscape lights on the side of steps or in step risers.

Plants or Garden

When it comes to lighting up your plants or garden, make sure to don't use over lighting, as it will make your plants look unhealthy. Small up lights are the best choices to create a beautiful light pattern across the garden that draws in the eye as it will focus the light on the blooms and leaves of plants.

The Color of Landscape Lighting

The color temperature of your landscape lights sets the tone, so choosing the right color is vital. Each LED bulb, fixture, or lamp you purchase will have a Kelvin value. The higher the Kelvin temperature, the closer the color will be to natural sunlight. Here are examples of popular colors of landscape lights and suggestions for their placements.

Pure White - 3000 K

Choose pure white color lights for surroundings with dark-colored materials like black, deep slate, or gray. It is also best for highlighting blue spruce trees.

Warm White - 2700 K

Warm white color lights are excellent choices to focus on stonework, natural-colored walls, surroundings with warm colors, and plants with leaves of red or orange tones.

Daylight - 5000 K

You can choose this bright color light for illuminating shrubs and evergreen trees.

Cool White - 4000 K

Choose a cool white color to light up contemporary homes.

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Types of Landscape Lighting Fixtures

Here are the most popular types of landscape lighting that you can use to create a magical ambiance in your outdoor space:

Uplighting: Uplighting involves installing lights on the ground facing upward to throw a cascade of lights on vertical features like walls, trees, or sculptures. Lighting from below can make ordinary features look extravagant and add dramatic flair to your landscape. Uplights under the tree look breathtaking as they show its delicate leaves and structure. Highlight your garden features, a fountain, and a statue with uplights.

Downlighting: This technique involves placing lights above features such as in trees or under eaves to cast a welcoming soft light that looks like natural moonlight. Outdoor seating is best lit by downlights. Use it under seating walls, benches, and patios to create a romantic ambiance that is perfect for cozy evenings.

Up-down Lighting: This type of lighting provides a direct ray of light to a particular area. They come with two lights, one shining upward and the other downward. Up-down wall lighting is perfect for spotlighting an exterior wall to provide safe navigation. The double-duty design of these lights makes them great for entryways.

Landscape Lighting Cost and Your Budget

When choosing landscape lighting, it is vital to consider your budget and the cost of lighting. There are a range of landscape lighting options that may fit any budget, space, and style. Still, it is best to evaluate your priorities and set your budget to pick the right lighting without breaking the bank. Determine whether you want to install a complete lighting plan at once or in stages.

Moreover, LED bulbs are recommended as they are low voltage, meaning they last much longer and conserve energy by using 75% less electricity than halogen bulbs. The basic lighting system with four to five LED lights is usually installed at around $1,500. However, the cost varies depending on light types, installation, and wiring. Therefore, it is best to discuss the cost first with the landscape lighting designer to find an affordable package. Read our guide on Landscape Lighting Mistakes to Avoid!

The Bottom Line

The right landscape lighting can transform your garden and home into a space full of charm and aesthetics. With lighting, you can enjoy the beauty of your home while keeping it safe. From highlighting your lush green plants to accentuating architectural features, choosing landscape lighting is all about what makes sense. It is crucial to carefully choose the intensity of lights, the placements, and the design of lights to achieve the desired ambiance and highlight your landscape's unique features.

At DripWorks, we have a range of landscape lighting to brighten up your garden and elevate your outdoor space. Explore our collection of landscape lighting here.