Top Garden Design Ideas 2023

Top Garden Design Ideas 2023

Jul 13th 2023

Let's look at 2023's most prominent garden design trends from leading Garden Designers that will leave you with plenty of unique new ideas for your outdoor space.

Enchanting Cottage Style Gardens

Gardeners are gravitating towards enchanting, stylized cottage gardens where aesthetics and function work as one. The cottage garden is a much-welcomed design that allows you to include your favorite blooms with different colors, scents, and textures. This romantic planting style features a delightful mixture of fragrant and colorful flowers, a herb garden, a vegetable plot, and even some chickens on rough grass.

We love this new garden design because you don't have to put plants together in an arrangement or pattern, and many flowers are self-seeding. You can combine colorful, easy-to-grow flowers like Alliums and Dianthus and stalky flowers like larkspur and foxgloves to add height.

Vertical Gardening

Vertical planting is another popular trend in the world of gardening in 2023. Embracing vertical gardening ideas and maximizing small spaces is gaining momentum, especially in small gardens. Dramatic vertical gardening can transform your small courtyard garden and provide an oasis of well-being. To plant vertically, you can use a trellis, fence, hanging baskets, living walls, pouches, and containers.

Another thing to love about vertical gardening is that you can make a stunning focal point on a terrace or balcony with a green wall. Additionally, go large with planters on roof gardens and terraces for that sense of lush greenery.

Want to add an artistic touch to your garden and make the most of your small outdoor space? Discover vertical gardening ideas!

Embrace Drought-loving Landscaping

As climate change is real, hot summers, lack of water, and unpredictable rainfall patterns are becoming familiar. To cope with this, garden designers recommend embracing drought-loving and resilient plants. Choosing tough plants that can tolerate a wide range of conditions, from winter flooding to summer drought, will continue to be popular.

Plants with gray-green leaves, such as rosemary, santolina, and sage, are drought-tolerant and able to reflect heat. In addition, resilient plants that can withstand both extremes are rare, but we have found some popular names from our gardening experts. Rosa rugosa, long-flowering Salvias, Geranium Rozanne, and Lady's Bedstraw are some of the tough plants that thrive in extreme conditions.

Create an Outdoor Living Space

Having a seating or dining area in your outdoor space where we can immerse ourselves in nature has soothing effects on our minds and is an instant mood booster. Creating a cheery outdoor living space has been a top feature in garden design over the last few years. So, make a perfect outdoor setting using comfy sofas, chairs, outdoor rugs, and side tables.

Gardens are an essential part of our home so create a stunning and social media-worthy lounging outdoor space that everyone will love. You can opt for neutral-colored furniture for outdoor space that will stand beautifully against lush greenery.

Transforming Lawns into Flourishing Meadows

Gardeners swapping lawns for flourishing meadows have been going on for years and will continue to dominate. Reduce the lawn area in your garden and transform it into a meadow garden. Unlike lawns, meadows don't require mowing and it doesn't cost as much to water.

This year, transforming lawns into meadows is a top trend that is beneficial economically and aesthetically too. You can grow drought-loving and pollinator-friendly plants, ornamental grass, and a variety of other plants within beds that will curb appeal and create visual interest.

Use Dark Natural Materials

Using dark natural materials such as stones and warm wood is another booming trend in garden design. Add a statue for a dramatic aura to your outdoor space. Rich and heavier hues for paving and hard landscaping to add depth to the garden design is great for creating an impression and visually exciting look.

The dark natural materials provide a striking and beautiful contrast with lush plantings. However, while choosing colors, your focus should be on warmer, rustic, and buff colors because they are trendy in brass and copper fittings in the interiors. Using gravel and wood chips for solid paths is also a key due to their sustainability and flexibility.

Sustainable and Eco-friendly Planting

Sustainable and eco-friendly gardens have never been more important than now. Climate change is shaping our garden choices and movements. The choices we make in creating and planting our gardens need to be sustainable. It includes creating more plant diversity, using less water, choosing local and ethically produced materials, and chaos gardening.

According to experts, we recognize the need for irrigation in a new garden design to help plants establish in the first year. However, your plants should be able to stand independently after that, except for a bit of water in drought conditions. Our gardens are a form of stress relief and a peaceful place to relax and escape our hectic days. So, it should be environmentally friendly and sustainable.

The Bottom Line- Update Your Garden

Gardening will be about vibrant colors, making the most of small spaces, environmentally healthy gardens, and using dark natural materials this year. Whether you have a small garden or ample outdoor space, you can still transform it into a beautiful one. So, here are the top garden design ideas for you to update your garden and make it look more luxurious and comfortable.