Five Home Renovations You Should Tackle During the Summer

Five Home Renovations You Should Tackle During the Summer

Jun 6th 2024

Summer, everyone's favorite season, is almost here, and it's time to rewind and enjoy the outdoors. It is the season of sunny skies and long days, which are also ideal to finally tackle those home renovation projects you have been putting off. You can make many home improvements in the warm weather to make your home more beautiful and comfortable. The pleasant weather conditions give you enough time to repair things and upgrade your home's curb appeal, especially if you plan to sell the home soon. Don't worry; we are not talking about complex renovations requiring contractors or engineers. Instead, there are simple DIY projects you should do this season to make your home shine.

5 Summer Home Renovation Projects

Whether you are a gardening enthusiast, love decorating your home, or are just looking for upgrades, here are five home renovations to do during the summer.

1.  Power Wash Your Home's Exterior Surfaces

Power washing your home's siding, deck, patio, outdoor kitchen, driveways, and walkways will remove any dirt, mold, grime, and mud built up over the winter and spring. This inexpensive home improvement project will give your outdoor surfaces a much-needed refresh. This project will improve your home's curb appeal and make it a more enjoyable place to relax this summer. Pressure washing can be a DIY project, or you can hire a professional. Regardless, it is essential to keep your home's exterior fresh and free from dirt. Once all your outdoor surfaces are clean, you'll feel ready to welcome the summer season.

Important Note: If done incorrectly, pressure washing can damage the surfaces. Experience reduces that risk. Therefore, it is best to call a professional if your home is large or highly grimy because they have the staff and equipment to tackle this project efficiently. However, if you can do it yourself but do not have a pressure washer, you can rent one from the local home center.

2.Spruce Up Your Outdoor Living Space

If you have a deck or patio, summer is the best season to breathe new life into it. These outdoor living spaces can take a beating during winter, so warmer, long summer provide a great chance to revive them. Spruce up your outdoor areas before BBQ season is in full swing. If you have spent winter and spring thinking about how you can renovate your patio, sunny days are perfect for implementing all those ideas into practice. Landscaping projects can significantly boost your home's aesthetic appeal and functionality. Refresh your summer deck with a fresh coat of paint, add comfortable furniture, and upgrade landscape lighting to create an inviting ambiance.

Moreover, if you don't have a deck or porch, consider building it to create a welcoming outdoor space to host your BBQs. In addition to pressure washing, clean gaps and cracks between boards and remove old stains to prepare the surface for staining. Staining the deck or patio involves repairing damaged boards, cleaning them thoroughly, applying a coat of your desired paint, and waiting for it to dry. Lastly, add pops of color with throw pillows and outdoor cushions.

3. Update Your Landscaping

A beautiful garden and lush green lawn can add beauty to your home. Spending time in your garden and tending to your favorite plants is therapeutic. So, consider updating your landscaping for the summer. Monitor the health of plants and trees in your yard to ensure they stay in optimal condition throughout the summer.

Clean your garden beds and flower beds, remove the weeds and other plant debris from the yard, and inspect your irrigation system to ensure it works efficiently in hot weather. If you're considering adding new heat-loving plants to your landscape, consider the plant's growing zone, growing requirements, and watering needs. Moreover, create a path of beautiful bold flowers along the walkway. Place weather-resistant planters of charming sunflowers on your deck.

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4. Give Your Walls a New Color

One of the most satisfying DIY projects to renovate your home is to freshen up your walls with a fresh coat of paint. Painting your walls can transform the room's overall look and give it a fresh appearance. New paint can revitalize any room and create a specific ambiance, whether you go for a vibrant color or a calming neutral shade. Before starting the project, prepare the walls by filling holes or gaps. Warm temperatures allow the paint to dry easily and provide better coverage, so it is the perfect time to freshen up the color of your walls.

5. Upgrade Your Windows

One essential home improvement project you should tackle before peak summer is replacing old, damaged windows. Summer is a popular time for replacing old, worn-out windows, and this home renovation project can have huge benefits.

Investing in new windows can improve your home's energy efficiency and give you long-term savings from energy bills. Install dual-pane models to eliminate street noise and inefficient air conditioning and heating. They will also enhance your home's appearance. Properly installing new windows can save money and feel more comfortable in your home.

Wrapping Up

Summer offers homeowners the best opportunity to increase the overall value of their homes through renovation. Take advantage of this pleasant time and dedicate a few hours of your day to renovating your home to make it beautiful and inviting for summer and for winter ahead.

With some creativity and effort, you can transform your living space into a place you will love the whole season. The above-mentioned projects can be a good starting point in your home renovation venture. By completing these projects, you can add value to your home and turn it into the abode of your dreams. Once you finish the renovations, celebrate this accomplishment by inviting your loved ones over to your outdoor oasis. Happy Summer!