Fertilization Methods for a Successful Garden

Fertilization Methods for a Successful Garden

Jan 22nd 2019

An efficient method of fertilization is the key to a successful garden or commercial crop. Most garden soils are deficient in one or many of the nutrients necessary; soils can be built up with the right nutrients. This can be done by adding fertilizers or compost to the garden soil. You can make your compost if you know how and have the room. Another option is to use a fertilizer injector that will send nutrients to your plants as you water through your drip system. This blog will give you a good idea of what’s available.

Fertilizer injectors allow you to get nutrients directly to the root zone and reduce runoff with a slow, steady application. There are many types of fertilizer injectors but finding the right fit for your garden should be easy.

EZ-Flo fertilizer injector is recommended for backyard gardeners, commercial landscapers, and small farms, and this popular injector is comprised of a tank that sits on the ground and feeder lines that connect right at the hose bib and then delivers fertilizer into your drip lines. Just fill the tank with a fertilizer mix, set the adjustment valve for high or low distribution rates, and the fertilizer solution will automatically flow when the system runs. It’s a simple yet effective way to fertilize.

Mazzei venturi style fertilizer injector is suitable for organic fertilizers; this injector is a low-cost commercial grade injector with no moving parts. As the water passes through the unit, a pressure differential creates a vacuum which draws fertilizer into the line. The Mazzei is incredibly reliable and easy to use with a pressure range from 20-100 PSI.

MixRite Injector is for the professional grower. This high-quality injector is the best one for gardeners and farmers who use organic fertilizers. Organic fertilizers need to be added at a fast 10% rate while chemical fertilizers are added at a 2-4% rate. Entirely powered by the water flowing through it, this unit is the most accurate and easy to install and maintain, pump style injector we have found.

The Chapin HydroFeed fertilizer injector is ideal for small to medium size gardens or decks. You can add liquid fertilizer or granular concentrates through the funnel top mouth that sits above the clear tank. You’ll be able to monitor the fertilizer that remains in the clear container to let you know when to refill it. This unit attaches to your outdoor garden faucet or timer.

A fertilizer injector is a great way to apply fertilizer and nutrients to your plants, but it’s not all you need. Finding the right mix or creating the perfect compost tea for your plants is just as important as finding the right fertilizer injector.

The Vital Tea Brewer is a complete setup to make your compost tea or extract. Tea Brewers can be utilized as a fertilizer mixing tank. Our tea brewing system is designed to grow beneficial microorganisms exponentially. Compost tea contains higher concentrations of beneficial bacteria and fungus than solid compost.

Vital Garden Supply’s Baseline products provide many benefits that fertilizer alone cannot accomplish. Use Baseline anytime in the garden, on the lawn, as a top dressing in the orchard or, as a foliar spray, or as part of a tea to be used in a fertilizer injector. Baseline increases a plants ability to assimilate nutrients in the soil by providing beneficial microorganisms (microbes) that attach to the roots of your plants. It can be used in a drip irrigation system without clogging the emitters.

High Nitrogen Bat Guano 9-3-1 Used in the early vegetative growth stages of a plant’s development and for all leafy plants such as lettuce, kale, chard, and spinach. Mix it into your soil or top dress as needed. The lack of odor makes it friendly to use, and the effectiveness will be evident.

High Phosphorous Soft Rock 0-13-0 Produce beautiful and prolific flowering and fruiting near the end of your plant’s growth cycle. This fertilizer is for the heavy feeders like peppers, tomatoes, melons, squash, pumpkins, or roses.

California Gold The ultimate microbial input for any grower, this is a complete inoculant for a diverse spectrum of soil microorganisms. California Gold is the result of a three to five-year fungal dominant decomposition process of pure woody materials. The will reduce water and fertilizer use and increase the plants’ resistance to pests and diseases.

Ferti-Maxx Landscape This all-purpose growth blend fertilizer is for application to the entire landscape. Excellent for spring start-up or high heat months in the summer, it will always help your yard to perform.

Every garden requires some attention, let’s fix our soils and optimize our gardens growing capacity.