Does a Sprinkler System Add Value to a Home?

Does a Sprinkler System Add Value to a Home?

Jul 3rd 2024

Is it time to upgrade your living space and enhance its curb appeal? Well, why not? Most homeowners renovate their property at least once every year.

From minor door replacements to installing a new sprinkler system, every change can significantly increase your home's value. Yard and garden irrigation systems, such as sprinklers, keep your landscape green and can save you money on your water bill.

However, do they add value to your property? Let's find the answer by discussing the benefits of a sprinkler setup in your area.

What is a Sprinkler System?

In a typical system, a network of retractable sprinkler heads is buried about 7 to 10 inches below the surface. Each sprinkler head is strategically placed based on the sun exposure, elevation and zones of the surrounding landscape. Compared to the conventional methods of watering your landscape, a sprinkler system is an efficient way to water. It contributes to an evergreen landscape and conserves water on a large scale. You can install different sprinklers in your home or commercial sites to cover large areas. Basic components of a sprinkler system:

  • Water Source, sprinklers will require water from a municipal water source, or well.
  • Valves to control water flow. The valves are controlled by an irrigation controller, which signal the valve to open and close.
  • Sprinkle heads are what spray water around your lawn and yard. There are several different types of sprinkler heads, including pop-ups, rotary nozzles, and impact sprinklers.
  • Backflow preventers, also known as vacuum breakers or anti-siphon valve, are installed to protect your homes drinking water from being contaminated by non-potable water. It will stop contaminated water from flowing back into your water source.
  • The controller will determine when the sprinklers spray. You will program the controller to start the sprinklers.
  • Pipes run underground and carry the water from the water supply to the calves and then to the sprinklers. PVC is typically used for sprinkler systems.

Other components could be rain sensors, sending signals to the controller to stop the water supply during rainfall.

Does a Sprinkler System Add Value to a Home?

Sprinklers in your garden can facilitate the growth of healthy plants and grass. It is an efficient system that saves both time and money. Here are some ways how it adds value to your home:

Offers Convenience

One of the primary benefits of a sprinkler system is its convenience for homeowners. The controller's automation allows you to set watering schedules depending on weather conditions. For instance, you can adjust the timing to early morning during the summer or night during the winter.

New Wi-Fi controllers allow you to program and monitor your sprinkler system from anywhere, from the convenience of your smartphone or tablet.

Improves Aesthetics

An unhealthy lawn, with dead grass, dirt, and bald spots, leaves open space for weeds to grow. A well-cared-for lawn is beautiful and pleasing to look at. An irrigation system provides consistent, regularly scheduled water to your lawn, which is especially important during the summer.

Moreover, sprinklers can give potential buyers a positive first impression of your home. They can increase the wholesale value of your property.

Conserves Water

Unlike hand watering, a sprinkler system delivers less water per unit area. This will allow the water to be absorbed and provide your lawn with consistent watering every time. Watering in the morning between dawn and midday is best to conserve water, as the sun and wind will be lower, decreasing water loss to evaporation.

Moreover, adding a rain sensor to monitor the weather will prevent unnecessary watering during wet, rainy weather.

Efficient Sprinkler Heads

Sprinkler heads are important components of a sprinkler setup that helps accurately position water. They have low-flow nozzles that use less water per minute and provide sufficient coverage. The rotary nozzles distribute water more slowly, and pop-up heads ensure water reaches the targeted area.

Zoning Capabilities

Sprinklers have customized watering zones to water different areas of your garden independently. This solves the specific watering needs of various plant types and soil conditions. With separate zones for sunny and shady areas, you can adjust the watering amount based on sunlight exposure.

Saves Money

It provides even water distribution across different areas of your garden and lawns, reducing water loss or overwatering.

Using this efficient irrigation system, you can save money on maintenance costs, such as pesticide damage or improper water supply. This reduces the need for costly fertilizers and prevents the crops from expensive damage like rotting or wilting.

Environmentally Friendly

Out of all the other benefits, the most crucial one is the eco-friendly nature of sprinkler systems. They promote sustainable landscaping practices by reducing water runoff and soil erosion. Plus, they are designed to use water more efficiently than manual watering methods.

Advanced features like programmable timers, moisture sensors, and weather-based controllers ensure that water is only used when necessary and in the right amounts. Thus, you can contribute to environmental sustainability by conserving water on a large scale.

Sprinklers also help in saving energy. With scheduled and automated watering, they reduce the need for water pumps to operate excessively. This, in turn, saves energy and draws less water from the wells or underground. They also use less water during drought conditions. Thus, you can save energy and water and get environmental benefits with this irrigation system.


Installing a sprinkler system in your home is more than just increasing the aesthetics of your area. It saves money and water and supplies maximum water directly to the targeted zones. You are making your garden look attractive to potential buyers. It also creates a beautiful visual appeal for all visitors and attracts more people to your property.

However, installing this irrigation system requires the appropriate tools and sprinkler components. DripWorks can assist you with this. We offer products, such as nozzles, spray bodies, and pressure regulators, to help you create the best water system for your landscape. Contact us today to install the perfect sprinklers and increase the value of your property.