Aqua-Traxx 15 Mil Drip Tape Rolls

Aqua-Traxx 15 Mil Drip Tape Rolls

  • 15 mil - 12" OC - High (4,000' Roll) $294.95 TA1512H
  • 15 mil - 8" OC - High (1,000' Roll) $109.95 TA1508HSR
  • 15 mil - 8" OC - High (4,000' Roll) $289.95 TA1508H
  • 15 mil - 8" OC - Low (1,000' Roll) $109.95 TA1508LSR
  • 15 mil - 8" OC - Low (4,000' Roll) $289.95 TA1508L

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This 15 mil drip tape is ideal for row crops or raised beds. Its seamless construction reduces leakage at fittings. The turbulent flow path and slit outlets allow for consistent flow rates and reduced plugging.


  • Superb watering efficiency and uniformity
  • Incredible durability and plugging resistance
  • Ideal for above ground, mulched or buried applications
  • Use with 5/8" tape fittings
  • Lasts years; lifespan is considerably increased when tape is covered


  • Warranty: 6 months
  • Pressure Range: 4-15 PSI
  • Filtration Requirements: Minimum 155 mesh recommended
  • Installation: Blue Stripe Up
Part # Emitter Spacing Flow Max Row Length Flow per 100' @ 8 PSI Max Row Length
w/ LSB Fitting
Roll Size
TA1508LSR 8" OC Low 700 ft. 20 GPH .34 GPM 380 ft. 1,000 ft.
TA1508HSR 8" OC High 460 ft. 40 GPH .67 GPM 200 ft. 1,000 ft.
TA1508L 8" OC Low 700 ft. 20 GPH .34 GPM 380 ft. 4,000 ft.
TA1508H 8" OC High 460 ft. 40 GPH .67 GPM 200 ft. 4,000 ft.
TA1512L 12" OC Low 900 ft. 13 GPH .22 GPM 550 ft. 4,000 ft.
TA1512H 12" OC High 600 ft. 27 GPH .45 GPM 280 ft. 4,000 ft.

Customer Reviews

Drip tape
By Donald on 8/26/2019
This product works well I have been using this for years
Owner of our Friendly Allies
By Kelsey on 4/19/2019
Very happy with this product
Great product, great company
By Teresa on 3/14/2019
This is the drip tape that I use in my home garden and we also use it in our large demonstration vegetable garden. We love it and we especially love the ease of use of the fittings that go with it. Most of our volunteers are not young anymore, and even those of us with sore hands can manage this type of fitting. Thanks for helping us grow 4000 pounds of produce a year for charity with your great service and great products.
Garden Drip Tape
By Jerald on 3/11/2019
Rows in our garden at 270' long and we are able to drip water equally over this length. We have been using this drip tape for several years. At about 6cents/foot, it is considered a good buy. Only problem experienced is that we must be careful not to ding it with a hoe or spade. It cuts easy and then we need a coupling to make the repair.
Not nearly as good as Delta T-tape
By TODD A on 6/10/2018
Have had to use Aquatraxx tape for the last two years as you no longer carry Delta T-tape. Have had several manufacturing errors and damage right off the rolls (emitters that that spray instead of drip (have to install a repair to fix). Have had several gashes in tape hundreds of feet into the roll (obviously damage caused in their factory, not in shipping (we deploy it right out of the box). This stuff clogs really easily compared to Delta T-tape (and we use 200 fine mesh filters). It is stronger than Delta T-tape, which we like. Please reconsider carrying Delta T-tape again (now owned by John Deere).
Best irrigation
By Paige on 5/29/2018
It’s the best I’ve ever used. Very user friendly.
Aqua-Traxx 15 Mil Drip Tape Rolls
By Paige on 5/29/2018
Excellent product. Love it
By Ry on 5/28/2018
I use this product extensively in my vegetable and flower field works exactly as described and is vey water efficient.
Excellent all around
By Shanti on 3/9/2018
Everything I have ever bought from Drip Works has been great - from the products, to the service, to the quick turn around.
Good drip tape for commercial purposes
By Michele on 12/18/2017
This is a great product. Tough enough to be used many years in a row, and perfect for commercial production.
Owner/Operator or JP Patch Farm
By Jamie J on 6/18/2017
Amazing products from drip works. Your products have helped save so much time in my Pumpkin Patch. We save on water usage also. I highly recommend this system, it fits together easily and can be used year after year.
Customer service
By Marlene on 6/13/2017
Dripworks is one of the best companies we have ever dealt with. Shipping is always speedy and the Aqua Traxx drip tape is the best we have works great with an even coverage. Super company and super product!
Best way to garden
By Tonya on 6/12/2017
Works great, very easy, great way to garden.

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