Amiad Replacement Body O-Rings

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  • Molly M - Jul 17th 2018

    Good rings, price seems high.

    I don't quite see why the price (several dollars each) although the ring material is something unlike ordinary black rubber. With all the sand in our water I HAVE to have filters in front of the timers in my extensive drip system. This means Amiad High-pressure Filters because the water is always on. The filters last just about forever (not the case with the hose thread types in an always-on installation) but after some years in the hot sun the o-rings between the two halves of the body began to stretch and deteriorate and eventually let water through. I wish I'd gotten a couple of replacement o-rings (despite the price) after two or three years, to have on hand, and I wish I'd started replacing them sooner because it's a real pain in the neck trying to cram a stretched o-ring into its groove well enough so that it stays in place when screwing the body halves back together. The relief when I finally bit the bullet and installed new rings was terrific and the time saved probably paid for the few months of use I might have saved trying to seal the filter with the old stretched o-rings. We live in Big Ag country and our air destroys rubber in moments -- I'm going to try keeping my new rings in the refrigerator. After all, it may be some years before I need more replacements...


These are replacement body o-rings for Amiad Heavy Duty Filters.

If the body of the filter leaks where the two halves connect together check the body o-ring for damage. The o-ring should be removed, cleaned and inspected periodically. If dry, it should be lubed with o-ring lubricant (HLUBE). If damaged, it should be replaced. O-ring lubricant will prolong the lifespan of o-rings and help create a water tight seal.

Replacement Body O-Rings For Amiad Filters
SKU Fits these Filters
FAMOR34 (Small) 3/4" Amiad Filters (FAM34, FAM34200)
3/4" Amiad Tagline Filters (FAMCP34, FAMCP34200)
1" Amiad Tagline Filter (FAMCP1)
FAMOR1 (Medium) 1" Amiad Filters (FAM1, FAM1200)
FAMOR112 (Large) 1½" Amiad Filters (FAM112, FAM112200)
1½" Amiad Tagline Filters (FAMCP112, FAMCP112200)
1½" Amiad Super Filters (FAM112SU, FAM112200SU2)

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