3/4" Mazzei Injectors and Accessories

3/4" Mazzei Injectors and Accessories

  • 3/4" Bypass Assembly $29.95 IM34BP
  • 3/4" High Flow Injector Only $54.95 IM34H
  • 3/4" Low Flow Injector Only $54.95 IM34L
  • 3/4" Suction Screen (Stainless) $27.95 IM34SSCR
  • Suction Assembly (1/2" & 3/4") $64.95 IM34SA

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Built for the tough demands of commercial fertilizer liquid irrigation, the Mazzei injector boasts commercial-grade dependability and performance. These Mazzei venturi-style injectors have no moving parts to wear out or break. Working by suction, the Mazzei can draw water from practically any container.

You can plumb a Mazzei injector on a bypass. After a little experimenting to get the right dosages, you will enjoy reliable service that is relatively maintenance-free. Rebuild kits are available for all Mazzei injectors, meaning you can make them go the extra mile for you.

An injector, bypass and suction assembly are required to make a complete unit. These items are sold separately.

Before you buy, make sure to choose the right size based on your irrigation system's water usage. Pick an injector that matches your flow rate (GPH). An oversized injector will not draw any fertilizer at all, and an undersized one will restrict the system.

Customer Reviews

Mazzei injector + pvc assembly. Worked great!
A quick learning curve and then the Mazzei worked wonderfully. Super easy to patch in to my existing 3/4” supply pipe then I removed it until I need it again, probably next spring.
Siphon Fertigation
Worked as advertised, packaged well, good instructions.

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