Mazzei Rebuild Kits

Mazzei Rebuild Kits

  • 1" Rebuild Kit $14.95 IM1KIT
  • 1/2" Rebuild Kit $7.95 IM12KIT
  • 3/4" Rebuild Kit $9.49 IM34KIT

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The internal parts of a Mazzei fertilizer injector can be replaced. Mazzei rebuild kits consist of a replacement seal, ball, and spring (spring not required for the 1/2" low flow models).

1/2" Mazzei Rebuild Kit (IM12KIT) -
For 1/2" low flow models (IM12VLF and IM12L)

3/4" Mazzei Rebuild Kit (IM34KIT) -
For 1/2" high flow and all 3/4" models (IM12H, IM34L and IM34H)

1" Mazzei Rebuild Kit (IM1KIT) -
For all 1" models (IM1L and IM1)

Customer Reviews

Exactly as described.
The repair kit was exactly as described, and fit perfectly. The shipping date was as promised. I would definitely recommend DripWorks and plan to use them again.
It worked great!
It fixed my problem quickly and saved me from replacing the entire unit.

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