3/4" Baccara AC Valve

3/4" Baccara AC Valve


The only electric AC valve that works with low pressure and low flow. Baccara valves have a large pressure range of 4.3 to 140 PSI and a very low head loss at high flow rates (see chart). Their efficient design and advanced technology plastics make the valves strong with very low maintenance.


  • 3/4" Female pipe thread (FPT) inlet and outlet
  • Use these 24 volt AC valves with electric AC timers
  • Pressure Range: 4.3 - 140 PSI
  • Flow Range: 3/4" valve: 0.5 - 22 GPM


  • Flow control handle
  • Automated or manual operation
  • Progressive opening/closing reduces water hammer

Customer Reviews

Great valve
I have 6 of these working fine for several years now with no problems. Reliable, good product.
Great product!
I've used these valves for 6 years now and they never miss a beat.
Low pressure solenoid valve
The 3/4" low pressure Baccara AC Valve was the exact fix for me. I wanted to put a sprinkler valve on a timer to go in a large dart frog vivarium to make it "rain" once a day. I have a 700 gph submersible pump running the water portion. That is not enough pressure to actuate a normal sprinkler valve, but this low pressure valve did the trick. Thanks!

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