Wintergreen 81728 - 118" Brown Lighted Climbing Vine, Warm White LED

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Climbing vines with warm white LED lights and bendable branches allow you to create beautiful indoor and outdoor displays in just minutes! Combine brown vines with other decor items, such as live foliage and flowers to create unique lighting and decorations for use in natural outdoor settings, events and home decorating.


  • 118" flexible brown climbing vine with 288 warm white LED lights
  • 1 per set
  • Indoor / Outdoor rated
  • If one light goes out, the rest stay lit


  • 157-inch lead
  • Low voltage
  • Adapter male plug
  • Warm White steady 5mm LED lights
  • Light Display: Steady Lead Length: 157 in
    Bulb Type: LED Light Color: Warm White
    Qty per Pack: 1 Usage: Indoor / Outdoor
    Length-Inches: 118 in Light Count: 288
    Amps: 0.288

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