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The Twist Tie Garden Wire is available in 20M, 50M, and 100M lengths. The green plant ties have a cutting tool, which allows for fast and easy installation. The garden ties are made of high-quality green plastic-coated iron, making these plant ties sturdy and reliable. Use in outdoor and indoor gardens. These multifunction flexible wire ties are a must for any garden.

These multipurpose ties is a must in every household. They can be used for several applications at home.

BUILT-IN CUTTER: The plant tie comes with a cutter which can easily cut wire into lengths needed. GARDEN CARE: The garden tie is soft and gentle to the plants, won’t scratch or damage plants with a secure hold.

GARDENING USE: Can be used as garden twist tie, securing plants, vines, shrubs and flowers to trellis, stakes, or other supports.

HOME and OFFICE ORGANIZATION : Can be used as cable tie to organizer cables and cords, keep your home or office desk neat and organized.

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