Tubing Clamps

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  • Ted - May 1st 2021

    Half inch clamps

    Work great. Very simple but effective to keep drip lines in place on my raised beds. Highly recommend!

  • Michael - Mar 31st 2021

    Great Service

    Order several items to set up a drip irrigation system for my raised beds. All items received promptly. Will return to DripWorks for future needs.

  • Rajesh - Jul 5th 2020

    Excellent product and timely delivery!

    Great product! Thank you!

  • jay - May 3rd 2020


    These clamps are awesome. They keep my half inch main tubing from bending outward. I tried getting by with just a few here or there but they actually need one every foot. If not they will bow out and look bad. It’s all about Appearance.

  • Dana - Nov 12th 2019

    Very useful

    These are great for securing the 1/4 inch irrigation line under decks, railings, along floorboards, etc. I like them better than the 1/2" because the 1/4" line is not as heavy and not as likely to pull the clamp free of the wood. That said, the 1/2" clamps are really useful too but could be better with longer nails.

  • Curtis - Oct 19th 2019

    Always best

    Using Drip work poducts for the last 10 years

  • Danny - May 23rd 2019

    Drip hose clamps

    Drip hose clamps these were perfect to mount half inch main line into my greenhouse so I can put emitters on and misters

  • Bruce - May 21st 2019

    Great lineup of drip irrigation parts

    I'm a fan of DripWorks--quality parts and quick service.

  • Steven - Jun 6th 2017

    Tubing Clamps

    Easy to install and best of all, clamp is flexible enough to remove tubing for repair without removing clamp.


These plastic clamps with stainless steel nails are great for attaching 1/4" tubing or 1/2" mainline tubing to wooden surfaces like decks, arbors, and patios.

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