Toro T5P-RS - 5” Pop-up Rotor, T5 Rapid Set, 3.0 Gallon Nozzle Installed

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The Toro® T5 RapidSet rotor can be set in seconds. The Toro® T5 RapidSet series rotor will meet your basic irrigation needs. Easily and quickly adjust the arc, no tools needed. For those day-in and day-out installations, the T5 is the only rotor you'll need.


  • RapidSet Arc Adjustment - 40° to 360°
  • No tools required to adjust.
  • Lawn Model with 5" Pop-Up Height
  • Airfoil Technology Nozzle
  • T5 RapidSet rotor comes with a full set of 8 standard nozzles (25° trajectory) and 4 low angle (10° trajectory) nozzles.
  • RapidSet Slip Clutch protects against gear damage.
  • Easily replaces the 4" pop-up rotors in the same footprint but delivers an extra inch of nozzle clearance.


  • Radius: 25-50 feet
  • Flow rate: 0.74-9.70 gpm
  • Arc: 40° to 360°
  • 3/4" inlet threads
  • Operating Pressure: 25-65 PSI
  • Pop-Up height 5"
  • Warranty 5 years

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