Tee Filters

Tee Filters

  • 150 Mesh (Black) $9.95 FT
  • 200 Mesh (Red) $10.95 FT200

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Tee filters are great for smaller irrigation systems. The female hose thread (FHT) swivel inlet will connect directly to the male hose threads on a faucet, garden hose or timer. The hose cap can be removed to access the stainless steel screen for cleaning.


  • Maximum pressure: 80 PSI
  • Maximum flow: 9 gallons per minute (GPM)
  • Female hose (FHT) inlet and male hose (MHT) outlet
  • Stainless steel screen available in 150 or 200 mesh

Customer Reviews

By Brett Bussell on 6/12/2019
Great site for getting my patio cooled
Tee filter
By Penny on 5/10/2019
Seems to be filtering rain water from my rain barrels pretty well. It connects to soaker hoses in my vegetable garden.
Used with rainwater tanks
By James on 12/12/2018
This filter goes at the outlet of my rainwater tanks used for gravity-feeding my drip system. It will get clogged after a while. I take out the screen tube and blow it clear from the outside in with compressed air.
Tee Filters
By Diane on 4/2/2018
They work well - but make darned sure they don't freeze. They will crack in a heartbeat so drain your lines and make sure you stay on top of that in the spring when you can still get frost.

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