Tape Loc x PVC Adapter

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  • Richard - Apr 25th 2020

    The parts that I need.

    Ordering from drip works online was easier than dealing with the local irrigation supply and I got parts that are sturdier and more ergonomic. More cost effective when considering gas and drive time to local supplier.

  • Richard - Feb 28th 2019

    Really like Drip Works

    I really like Drip Works products I’ve used and their service. Couldn’t get a local garden supply to sell me the fittings I need so Drip Works gets my money.

  • James - Jul 4th 2018

    Great PVC connector

    Great pvc connection! It cut my costs down, and the work to set up irrigation.


This fitting is used to connect a line of drip tape directly to PVC. The fitting can be either glued onto 1/2" PVC pipe or into a 3/4" PVC fitting.

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