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  • Nils - May 18th 2021

    Lock tape elbow works

    I use T-tape in beds of my home flower gardens. Not everything is straight-line. T-tape only bends so much, the 90 degree elbow helps. It would be great to have a 45 also

  • Greer - Aug 26th 2020


    Tape works Easy to install Fittings fit well To much pressure blows fitting apart. Tape moves off placement if not placed under ground.

  • Michael - Jun 9th 2019

    Just in the nick if time

    Perfect fit, fair price, fast shipping.

  • Megan - Apr 18th 2019

    Drip Set Up

    This was my first drip irrigation set up. The DripWorks site was easy to navigate, the calculators were helpful and the ordered showed up with all the correct parts. Installation was straightforward. Now all that's left is to test the system but I expect that to run smooth as well.

  • Kathy - Jun 11th 2018

    No problemo!

    My order came very fast. The parts are easy to work with and they do the job they were designed for.

  • CLYDE - May 25th 2018

    Work better than the fold over end clips

    my firs reaction was "Why", then I tried them. they are much quicker and easier to use that the fold over pinch clips - and you can use them with shorter distances from the drip emitters.

  • Dona - May 14th 2018

    Great Customer Service and Easy to Use

    This was my first time installing a drip irrigation system for a small 15' x 30' garden. The chat personnel assisted me with the selection of the right products and the installation took just a couple of hours. It works great!


The Tape Loc Elbow is used to make sharp turns around corners without kinking the drip tape. Drip tape is not able to make turns without an elbow fittings.

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