Tape Grip Sleeve End (10 Pack)

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  • Michael - May 26th 2021


    In my experience, this is the easiest system to use.

  • William - Aug 25th 2020

    Drip works

    Fast service correct order will buy 4000’ roll later.

  • William - Aug 19th 2020

    Drip tape

    Got the ends need the rest ei irrigation stuff

  • Kelly - Jun 24th 2020

    Thumbs up!

    Easy to install and looks neat and tidy. I folded the end twice and then put the sleeve on. A little water still comes out, but I don’t think it’s enough to worry about.

  • Ann - May 20th 2020

    Work great!

    I have used this product for several years and it works great to end the line without leaking.

  • Thomas - Jun 21st 2018

    Drip Tape

    The drip tape and all the accessories that I got are state of the art irrigation. Delivering water slowly and efficiently not only enables you to harvest 800 tomatoes from nine plants (secret - manual pollination) but virtually eliminates weeding as top soil remains dry and unreceptive to contaminants. I've been sourcing from DripWorks for years and will continue to do so.

  • Ronald - Jun 9th 2018

    Drip tape end seals

    These are the best way to seal the ends of Drip tape. Push about 3 folds into the slot.

  • Jon - May 19th 2018

    Good stuff!

    I setup my garden with this stuff this year, I'm loving the benefits of drip irrigation!

  • Doug - Jul 11th 2017

    The way to do it

    Unlike 1/2 tube there is no good way to make an "end" for drip tape using PVC pipe, etc. These things are what you want to use for tape.


The grip sleeve end is an economical way to end a line of drip tape. To use: slip the tape through the narrow side, fold over as many times as possible (a minimum of four folds for the 15 mil, six folds for the 8 mil) and pull back on the feeder end to wedge tight.

Note: Some dripping will occur from the grip sleeve end. Because of this, it is recommended to keep the end of each line within the planting zone. If a watertight seal is desired, use a Tape x Male End Cap fitting (LSMC) instead.

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