Take-Apart Emitters

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  • Kim - Jul 6th 2022

    Using these flag emitters for a "zero-pressure" gravity drip system

    These emitters are working very well for our garden irrigation, which is set up with a water storage tank on the ground. The top of the water level is sometimes very low, maybe only a foot above the ground when the tank is nearing the lowest points. These drippers are working fine, even the 1 gpm ones. We've also switched out some of our variable drippers for these types on our pressurized system, and this has improved the pressure balance overall. I"m very happy with these and ordered more for our larger garden.

  • Brenda - Jul 3rd 2020

    Just what I needed

    We have hard water so I needed the take a part emitters, works great!

  • Tom - Jun 29th 2020

    Always prompt delivery

    Have been using products for a couple of years. Happy with tall the products I have used.

  • David - Jun 26th 2020

    Great emmiters

    The problem I always have with emitters is them clogging up, which usually means replacement. But these are easy to clean and work great. Wonderful to have.

  • Brenda - May 2nd 2020

    Just what I needed

    I have used these before with great results! We have very hard water so using other emitters didn't work. These you can take a part/clean. Big savings!!!

  • Ted - Oct 18th 2019


    Great product and price, cant be beat

  • Charles - May 18th 2019

    Seem to work Fine

    I have used these in the past and I just ran out of them. I guess the reason is that we planted more plants. Seem to work fine just as I expected. I pretty much trust DripWorks for all my drip system needs.

  • Michael D - Apr 20th 2019

    Drip irrigation parts

    Parts worked perfectly for Arizona yard. Used the dripper(s) on plants that were spaced a few feet apart. All are thriving and growing.

  • Denis - Mar 30th 2019

    Work as Advertised

    These emitters to exactly what they were designed to do, emit water at the advertised. Quick shipping was great too!

  • Wes - Jul 18th 2018

    Great product

    I love the take apart drippers, back years ago I spent many hours keeping the old style drinppers working. The take apart model makes cleaning them a breeze, I highly recommend them.


Take-Apart Emitters have a locking cap that can be removed for cleaning. The 1/4" barb inlet can be inserted into a hole punched into mainline tubing or attached to the end of 1/4" micro tubing. The beveled barb end is the inlet and the flag end is the outlet. 1/4" micro tubing can also be attached to the outlet of the emitter to reach plants that are farther away.

Take-Apart Emitters work very well with low pressure gravity systems.

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