Stainless Crimping Clamp (10 Pack)

Stainless Crimping Clamp (10 Pack)

  • 1/2" $2.80 BOSS12-10
  • 3/4" $3.20 BOSS34-10
  • 1" $3.50 BOSS1-10

Crimping clamps are becoming very popular with landscape professionals and farmers. They have a more secure fit since there are no gaps in the seal and will not loosen up over time like traditional worm drive clamps.

BOSS12 will work with 1/2" tubing.

BOSS34 will work with 3/4" tubing.

BOSS1 will work with 1" tubing.

Note: Will not fit on thicker walled, high density poly pipe (HDPE).

Customer Reviews

stainless Crimping Clamp
Works great for fittings, makes short work of installing or repairing drip systems
Does the job
I used to buy the expensive radiator type clamps for securing my irrigation hose fittings. Then I saw a professional use these simple clamps with the tool especially designed to crimp them. I have been using them ever since. Of course the trade-off is that they cannot be reused, but we all hope that we won’t have to disassemble our irrigation hoses, or, at least, we won’t have to do it very frequently.
excellent solution
These are just right. not too hefty, like pex clamps, but just right for irrigation tubing. we've used them for several years, on constant pressure lines and others, with excellent results.
good clamp system
We began using these clamps several years ago with barbed fittings and never looked back.Zero failure rate, especially compared with the compression fittings previously used. may not be practical for smaller systems or lines that need to be changed.

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