Spagetti Stickler Punch Tool

Spagetti Stickler Punch Tool


The Spagetti Stickler is the only tool you will need for drip irrigation installations. Use the tip to make precise 1/4" holes, for inserting emitters and 1/4" transfer barbs. Use the punch tool prong to stretch out 1/4" tubing before inserting it into a 1/4" transfer barb; it will make the job easier. Use the prongs for leverage to insert a 1/4" transfer barb or to remove emitters and 1/4" transfer barbs from mainline.


  • Use on 1/2" or 3/4" mainline
  • Ergonomic design
  • Stainless steel
  • Durable
  • Precise

Customer Reviews

Spagetti Stickler Punch Tool works for me
I just got this tool today upon speaking to a Dripworks person. I read one review saying it was hard to punch through the tubing. No problem here. Made of solid stainless stain so won't rust, very compact and not only punches holes but you can use it to insert barbs into lines , remove barbs and more I'm sure. Will find out more as it gets more use.
Your mileage may vary but...
Every time I've tried to use this tool I've given up and gone for whatever I thought I needed it for. The little prongs don't hold, the little bar cuts into my hands, and the punch is the hardest to get through tubing of any I've tried (a lot).

Note: my hands are fairly small and not terrifically strong. Others may find the Stickler quite satisfactory.

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