Single Outlet Wind-Up Timer

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  • Daniel - May 21st 2021

    It Actually Does What It's Supposed to Do

    Lasts more than one season, unlike other windup timers. It is also very compact and you can easily tighten the hose connections they it don't leak.

  • Lydia - Apr 25th 2021


    Great products! Speedy service.

  • Peter - Jun 13th 2020

    great, inexpensive timer solution

    easy to use, no leakage, perfect way to turn on water and not have to worry about exactly when you need to turn it off.

  • Tom - Jun 2nd 2020

    Wind up timer

    Simple and easy "insurance" against leaving irrigation on when there's a lot going on. Works as advertised and although time will tell on durability, there surely aren't a lot of parts or electronics to malfunction! Fair price for a simple device.

  • THOMAS D - May 26th 2020

    Good value

    Timer works well, and is durable, just don't leave it outside all winter ............tends to make it crancky

  • Carolyn - May 28th 2019

    Bought four, one doesn't work

    Three work great, one doesn't count down, just stays stuck whatever time you start on. I'm sure DW will replace and hopefully it's an anomaly.

  • Scot Rose - Sep 18th 2018

    Single Outlet Wind-Up Timer

    I Bought this one, as well as the Garden bed kit for my daughter for her garden. I Have 5 of those timers, 1 spare and 4 other ones I used all this summer with no problems. Look folks, I Have been buying your products for the last several years, and have handed out my copies of your catalog to others as well as steer people to your website. I Have been happy with your products and refer others to you. You folks just keep doing what you do and thank you for being there..

  • Thomas - May 12th 2018

    Single Outlet Wind-Up Timer

    I love these timers though they are somewhat fragile. They work at the beginning or end of a hose. My problem is that my water is hard and eventually they quit working. So I purchase them from time to time.

  • Wilbur Finnigan - Jul 11th 2014

    neat little timer

    I have 8 of these little timers on drip lines and sprinklers and they sure save time by not forgetting to turn water off and it's easier to control water great litte timer simple to use. certainly would reccommend them.

  • M Stone - Mar 6th 2014

    Great pop up watering needs

    normally use auto control but these are great for quick add on loops or out lying areas.


Installing your first drip system is fun, and when you see the system work for the first time it is thrilling. Don't forget though, the water has to be turned on and off. If you don't want to invest in an automated timer this year we encourage you to buy a wind-up timer, so that the water that you are conserving won't be left on accidentally.


  • Oversized grip handle
  • Female hose thread (FHT) inlet and male hose thread (MHT) outlet


  • Duration: Up to 120 minutes (2 hours)
  • Pressure Range: 5 - 120 PSI
  • Flow Rate: Up to 8 GPM
  • Manufacturer's Part Number: Orbit 62034

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