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  • Robert Desrochers - Jun 11th 2022

    serves my purpose

    need s retail catalog

  • Alan - Apr 24th 2021

    Great Company

    I have used Dripworks for my irrigation needs for years. There service and products are always to notch.

  • Jeena - Apr 18th 2021

    These work perfectly

    They are perfect for what we like to call our “Jurassic Park” shade garden, which has many overlapping large leafed plants. They get water to where it’s needed, but don’t waste water merely watering leaves.

  • John - Apr 16th 2021


    Great product. Works exactly as described. Great price. Super fast delivery.

  • JOELLE - Feb 9th 2021


    These are exactly what I hoped for! I didn't want the foliage to get wet from a typical drip line emitter so these put the water at the root.

  • Matthew - Nov 17th 2020

    360 Shrubbler Emitter

    These emitters are great adjustable 360 degree spray pattern.

  • IndyAna - Jul 9th 2020

    Perfect replacement!

    This is just what I have been looking for! The small holes in my existing shrubbers clog up with lime over time... these were an inexpensive replacement & should last for years. I'm not a do-it-yourselfer, but these are simple to replace & no need for the expense of calling the irrigation service to fix them!

  • Joseph - Nov 21st 2019

    Works great

    They are a great answer to watering.

  • Trevor - Sep 27th 2019


    works perfectly. even comes with the little barb to attach the tubing

  • Stephanie - Jul 28th 2019

    Something about the lids

    We loose a lot of the screw tops. When the water comes on sometimes the lids blow off and we never find them. It would be nice to be able to order just a package of extra lids, Otherwise we really like the shrubblers. They moisten the area all the way around the shrubs and trees. .


Need to add some versatility to your garden's watering schedule while retaining all the benefits of your drip irrigation system? Shrubblers from DripWorks will let you expand your watering options while keeping your water use down.

These products emit streams of water you can adjust anywhere from a basic, slow drip to a 24-inch large spray pattern for covering your plants' root zones and helping to soak in fertilizers and nutrients. Shrubblers offer a smart way to adapt to different sizes of plants and ever-changing watering needs.

Simply by twisting a cap, you can individually shut off a Shrubbler. Irrigation never has been this easy and effective.

Choices include full-circle Shrubblers that emit eight water streams in a circular pattern with a 1/4" barbed base (DSHB), 10/32" threaded base (DSHT) or mounted on a five-inch stake. We also stock a half-circle Shrubbler drip irrigation unit that emits five streams of water from a five-inch stake.

Shrubblers require minimum filtration and can be adjusted from a 0 - 24" diameter. We recommend a maximum diameter of 15".


  • Flow Rate: 0 - 13 gallon per hour
  • Pressure Rate: Up to 30 PSI
  • Watch our video of the Shrubbler in action
  • Pressure Compensating Shrubblers are also available.
  • Shrubblers on a stake (DSHS, DSHS180) include a break-off transfer barb
  • to be used with 1/4" tubing to connect the Shrubbler to the mainline.

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