Sand Media Filters

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Sand filters are designed to remove organic debris and particulates from water. They are highly recommended for filtering water from ponds, creeks, or irrigation ditches.

Sand filters have a seamless fiberglass tank which won't corrode. The tank's special internal design keeps the sand bed level, ensuring even water flow and resulting in efficient filtration. Filters also include a sight glass, pressure gauge, and automatic air bleed.

The filter does not include the sand needed for operation. The sand used by the tank is too heavy to ship, so you will need to purchase it locally from a building supply store.

How it works:
Sand filters are simple, effective and require very little attention. Water is routed through the sand-filled tank where the sand traps particles large and small. Eventually the dirt accumulates in the space between the sand particles, making it harder for the water to pass through. This causes the pressure in the tank to rise, which signals that the tank needs to be backwashed by reversing the water flow. Cleaning is done by backwashing so the back-wash water must be filtered.


  • Tank has a 1 year warranty
  • 1 1/2" female pipe thread (FPT) inlet and outlet
  • Maximum operating pressure is 50 PSI
  • Not rated for constant (static) pressure, place downstream of timers or valves
  • Requires a minimum of 17 GPM flow for backwash (cleaning) operations
  • An Arkal filter is recommended for backwashing. See the "More Info" tab for a diagram.
  • Sand is not included with the filter and must be purchased locally. Select the grade of sand that meets the filtration requirements of the watering products you are using.
  • For example, if you are using misters that require a fine filtration of 200 mesh, select a #20 sand to provide the required level of filtration.
MeshMicronSand #
50 280 N/A
100 152 11
150 104 16
200 73 20

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