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  • gardensue - May 27th 2022

    Do not like this tool at ALL

    I will admit I am new to drip irrigation and installing it for the first time. The first time I tested the system, there were three places where I punched a hole for the 1/4" connectors, and it went clear through and punched through to the other side. What a pain to fix! Also this tool is dangerous. If it slips while you're using it, you may find yourself gripping the sharp edge of the cutting tool. I have done it, thank goodness I had gloves on. Poor design.

  • Molly M - Aug 18th 2020

    Incredibly useful -- and durable.

    I've had my Punch N' Cut for some years now, and given some to others, too. The best multi-tool for drip I've tried. I've ordered a second one for me, because I'm tired of traipsing 200' from one garden to another to retrieve it. Which brings us to durable-- mine's spent hundreds of hours lying in the sun and seems as strong as ever. I hope the new ones are made with the same great plastic.

  • Anthony - May 25th 2020

    Good but

    Works great for punching holes and inserting barbs in one tool. The cutter works great for 1/2" poly main line but not so well for 1/4" tubing. I got better results on the 1/4" tubing with my wire cutters

  • Karin - Jul 25th 2017

    A true help

    Punch N' Cut is the most important tool you want when working with drip supplies. After a couple of years beating the poor thing to death, I am on my second one. It prevents frustration, saves time and wear and tear on your hands.

  • Tom Simpson - Mar 13th 2014

    Versatile Tool!

    I find the Punch N' Cut to really be a versatile tool for my drip irrigation system. It's handy to be able to punch holes, cut tubing and insert my emitters all with the same tool.


The Punch N' Cut is the most versatile tool available and is a favorite among landscapers and commercial growers. This lightweight all-purpose tool is a necessary alternative to those frustrating days of keeping track of multiple tools!

The Punch N' Cut is a must have for a drip irrigation system. In addition to punching holes, it also cuts poly drip tubing and inserts transfer barbs and most emitters. Color may vary.

For 5/8" Tape fittings the Adjustable Punch (PUADJ) works best.

The Punch N' Cut Tool has three major uses:

  • Punch- Punches holes for 1/4" fittings or emitters into 1/2" or larger tubing or Oval Hose.
  • Insert Tool- Holds a transfer barb and certain emitters to make installation easier.
  • Cutting Tool- Cuts mainline tubing amazingly smooth and easy, and with a little effort will cut PVC Schedule 40 up to 1 inch.

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