Punch N' Cut

Punch N' Cut

The Punch N' Cut is the most versatile tool available and is a favorite among landscapers and commercial growers. This lightweight all-purpose tool is a necessary alternative to those frustrating days of keeping track of multiple tools!


The Punch N' Cut is a must have for a drip irrigation system. In addition to punching holes, it also cuts poly drip tubing and inserts transfer barbs and most emitters. Color may vary.

For 5/8" Tape fittings the Adjustable Punch (PUADJ) works best.

The Punch N' Cut Tool has three major uses:

  • Punch- Punches holes for 1/4" fittings or emitters into 1/2" or larger tubing or Oval Hose.
  • Insert Tool- Holds a transfer barb and certain emitters to make installation easier.
  • Cutting Tool- Cuts mainline tubing amazingly smooth and easy, and with a little effort will cut PVC Schedule 40 up to 1 inch.

Customer Reviews

Incredibly useful -- and durable.
I've had my Punch N' Cut for some years now, and given some to others, too. The best multi-tool for drip I've tried. I've ordered a second one for me, because I'm tired of traipsing 200' from one garden to another to retrieve it. Which brings us to durable-- mine's spent hundreds of hours lying in the sun and seems as strong as ever. I hope the new ones are made with the same great plastic.
Good but
Works great for punching holes and inserting barbs in one tool. The cutter works great for 1/2" poly main line but not so well for 1/4" tubing. I got better results on the 1/4" tubing with my wire cutters
A true help
Punch N' Cut is the most important tool you want when working with drip supplies. After a couple of years beating the poor thing to death, I am on my second one. It prevents frustration, saves time and wear and tear on your hands.
Versatile Tool!
I find the Punch N' Cut to really be a versatile tool for my drip irrigation system. It's handy to be able to punch holes, cut tubing and insert my emitters all with the same tool.

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