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  • 25 Pack $22.95 DPS-25
  • 100 Pack $79.95 DPS-100

The Potstream is a side mounted watering solution for potted plants and containers. The adjustable gentle stream pattern minimizes soil erosion and the variable flow rate and pattern radius allows for use in various pot sizes.

Half circle PotStream emits 4 streams of water, requires minimum filtration and can be adjusted from 0- 12.4" radius.


  • Variable flow rate and pattern size suits 8” to 24” diameter pots. 
  • Suits pot wall thickness up to 1.57”. 
  • Pressure range: 5-40 PSI
  • Side mounted installation for clean and tidy location of supply tube. 
  • Low application rate and gentle stream pattern. 
  • Easily adjustable knob for varying spray patterns.
  • Can be taken apart for easy cleaning


Potted plants, planter boxes and containers.

PSI GPH Radius
5 0-3.3 8.7”
10 0-4.7 9.1”
15 0-5.8 9.3”
20 0-6.8 9.5”
30 0-8.3 11.0”
35 0-9.1 11.8”
40 0-9.7 12.4”

Customer Reviews

fully adjustable, good pattern
This is the best bubbler for pots I've tried so far. It is fully adjustable, zero to about 12" with a 25 PSI regulator. Also has a good pattern. In my opinion it could use one more hole for a bit wider pattern. On larger pots, two bubblers adjusted down work better.
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Very good product with adjustability to adjust the amount of water
Definitely recommend
These are great and can water a wide area. I use them in places other than containers — I use them in my raised beds
Product is well made and abiliy to change water volume for each planter is nice. Also has 5 outlets so water is spread out a bit.
One of my most favorite items.
I really love these. They work very well. In addition to using them in pots, i have them on all my individual blueberry plants and my tomatoes. I just keep finding new places to use them having just bought a pack of 25. They really put the water right where you need it and can have a spray or almost down to a drip.
Great for pots
I've tried several different options for pots. These are BY FAR the best option I have tried. Love that they are so easily adjusted for the size pot and flow required. Do yourself a favor and purchase more than you think you will need. You will want to replace other fittings with these they are so great.
works vey well in medium and large pots as flow can be turned down as it uses the same style heads as shrubblers.
An improvement over 1/4 inch line with multiple elbows.
I used to configure drip irrigation for my pots using multiple elbows to get the 1/4" line up the side of the pot and over the edge. These devices eliminate the need for that as well as giving me a way to adjust the spray. They save parts and labor and improve the results. Sometimes I cannot adjust them to eliminate all and any overspray. That is the only reason I give them 4 stars and not 5. But it is not a reason to avoid them. They are still a big improvement over other pot-watering solutions.
over the edge pot sprinkers
they are great. bought 25 to try and need to purchase 25 more
These Potsream emitters work just as the video shows which is ‘very well’. You can adjust the flow dependent on the pot size and the drip time for your station. These are a welcome addition to our drip watering system. Highly recommended.
Very clever device
I do not have long experience with these, but my initial experience is very positive. It is a very clever design and appears to be great for the right application.

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