Pop-Up Riser

Pop-Up Riser

  • Pop-Up Housing $3.95 SPOPH
  • Pop-Up Riser (Large) $6.95 SPOP
  • Pop-Up Riser (Small) $7.95 SPOPJR

Do you like the results of a sprayer on a stake but don't like having to look at it all the time? The Pop-Up Riser is the solution! It also works well in areas where damage is likely, such as border strips or commercial landscaping.

The riser is supplied at the base with 1/4" polyethylene tubing. The top of the riser must be installed 1" above soil level. There is a protective housing option to protect the spray head when not in the extended position.

SPOP: Height 13.75"    Height in use 22.5" 

SPOPJR: Height 9.25"  Height in use 14.5"

Customer Reviews

A simple but very practical solution.
These little pop up risers are some of the best sprinkler systems invented. I have installed dozens of these on many beds. They are so easy to install, and are always reliable. I highly recommend these with the mini jet sprayers for a neat little pop up sprinkler. I still get a kick out of watching them pop up and then down, out of sight. Just perfect!

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