Pond Care Products

If you want to keep your pond, water feature or stream clean, sparkling and beautiful, you need to take care of it. Otherwise, algae, debris and other unsightly matter will build up. Besides making the water unpleasant to look at, this kind of buildup can give it a bad odor. Worse, it can make your pond unhealthy for fish and other living things.

DripWorks carries a lineup of premium natural pond care products and supplies to keep the water looking clean and healthy. We have products that use beneficial bacteria and enzymes to naturally reduce nutrients, improve water quality and clarity and boost dissolved-oxygen levels. Besides helping water look better, they can help it smell better.

We also have natural blue dye that will give your decorative pond a beautiful blue hue. It's safe for fish, plants, pets and wildlife too. Our float-valve kits let you fill your pond automatically without having to worry about overfilling.