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Pocket Punch


Quick Overview

The possibilities with the Pocket Punch are endless! This easy to use, all in one tool is a must have for every backyard gardener and landscaper. The innovative crescent shaped design cradles your tubing while you punch and the ergonomic finger grips make it one of the most comfortable and easy to use manual punches on the market. This punch has a long lasting stainless steel punch pin and will punch a clean hole for 1/8" or 1/4" fittings. Will not make a hole large enough for Drip Tape fittings.

  • Hole Punch will punch holes for 1/4" fittings or emitters into 1/2" mainline tubing only.
  • Insert tool saves fingers and makes most emitters with outlet nipples much easier to install.
  • Emitter Removal Tool will quickly remove emitters and  transfer barbs from tubing with ease.

Customer Reviews

Punch part is great
By Jessica on 6/29/2018
I like the punch, and it’s easy to see from the lettering on the shaft if you have depressed the punch all the way. The insert part doesn’t work well. Depending on the temperature, the mainline tubing will collapse when you try to insert a barb. The little basket that holds the barn for inserting comes out of the tool and breaks.

Unfortunately, I don’t see another option for a insert tool for mainline. This is the only tool available.
It's the simple things that matter.
By Mary on 6/12/2014
When you are up and down on your knees with a project, a useful tool like this one is a deal-breaker. So simple to use and so practical. I love it.
Simple Solution
By Chris on 3/9/2014
Works great. Simple to use.
Simple is best
By Joe Saxe on 3/5/2014
Can't beat this tool for the price! It's very simple and has worked great for me every time.
bill of elm
By William Westervelt on 5/7/2012
Works great for 1/2" - Why in the world isn't there such a punch for your 3/4" inch tubing?

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