Nursery Irrigation Kit - Large

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This kit is great for larger nursery type set ups. It utilizes our 3/4" poly mainline to provide water to a total of 16 tables, each with 8 plants. The kit is divided into two watering zones. With the different flow options available for the OctaBubblers, and the ability to adjust the pot stream sprayers, this kit offers the nursery owner a wide level of flexibility. The Pot streams can be completely shut off for moved or sold plants. Using the OctaBubbler manifold, these sprayers will also have an equal set maximum flow rate they can put out, creating a pressure compensating system.


  • 200' of 3/4" Mainline
  • Adjustable Sprayers
  • Pressure Compensating OctaBubbler manifolds
  • Filter and Regulator included

Parts List:

  • 2 - 100' rolls of 3/4" Poly Mainline (34100)
  • 1 - 500' roll of 1/4" Micro Tubing (14500)
  • 1 - Garden Screen Filter (FYCH)
  • 1 - Senninger Pressure Regulator (PRSLHH20)
  • 1 - High Flow Hose Y (HYVHPL)
  • 2 - Easy Loc hose starts (ELFH34)
  • 2 - Easy Loc Tees (ELT34)
  • 16 - 3/4" Easy Loc to 1/2" female pipe tees (EL12FT34)
  • 16 - PVC nipples (P12CN)
  • 4 - Easy Loc Elbows (ELL34)
  • 4 - Easy Loc End Cap (ELMC34)
  • 16 - OctaBubblers (ROCTABUB6)
  • 2 - 100pk of Pot Stream Sprayers (DPS-100)
  • 1 - roll of Thread Sealant Tape (PCTEFSM)

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