Netafim Techline CV 17mm Emitter Tubing, 12" Spacing, 0.92 GPH

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The Netafim Techline CV is a pressure compensating dripline with a check valve allows the dripline to provide precise watering by ensuring all emitters are on at the same time. The Techline CV is ideal for on-surface or sub surface applications. The Offset flow path in the emitter will prevent root intrusion without any reliance on chemicals. No low emitter drainage, great on slopes, and delivers more precise watering. The Techline CV adapts to any planting area shape and is resistant to direct sun.


  • Emitter spacing: 12".
  • Pressure Range: 14.5-58 PSI
  • Flow Rate: 92.5 GPH per 100' (0.9 GPH per emitter)
  • Maximum Single Row Length: 298 at inlet pressure of 60 PSI
  • Tubing Diameter: 0.66" OD, 0.56" ID 0.050" wall
  • Recommended filtration: 120 mesh.
  • Diaphragm made of silicon.
  • Bending radius 7".
  • Check Valve: emitters open at 14.5 PSI and shut off at 2 PSI.

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