Netafim Regulator Spring Cartridges

Netafim Regulator Spring Cartridges

  • 12 PSI $17.95 PRNESP12
  • 20 PSI $17.95 PRNESP20
  • 35 PSI $17.95 PRNESP35
  • 43 PSI $17.95 PRNESP43
  • 50 PSI $17.95 PRNESP50
  • 65 PSI $17.95 PRNESP65
  • 9 PSI $17.95 PRNESP9

Use these spring cartridges to adjust the pressure of your Netafim regulator. Simply replace the factory-installed springs with springs rated for the desired PSI*.

  • The 3/4" Netafim regulator uses one spring cartridge
  • The 1 1/2" Netafim regulator uses two cartridges
  • The 2" Netafim regulator uses four cartridges

Springs are available in 9, 12, 20, 35, 50 and 65 PSI.

*Often the factory-installed springs are very tight and may require the use of long handled channel locks or vice grips for removal.

Customer Reviews

Could have used better explanation
I’m relatively new to drip irrigation so I didn’t know that a cartridge needs a separate housing to hold the actual cartridge. After all what use is it without the housing. I feel like a big bold heading stating that this was only a refill cartridge and not applicable to the system without a housing unit would have been helpful. The cartridge itself appears to be fine. I can’t use it though...

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