Netafim Dripper Assembly w/Angle Barb Stake - Dripper / Tubing Length : 36"

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The Netafim Dripper Stake Assembly is ideal for soilless substrates and hydroponic applications because each plant pot or rock wool cube receives an equal and precise amount of water nutrients.

The slower and lower flow wet the soil media thoroughly without any run-off around the edges of the container. This allows longer runs on smaller polyethylene supply laterals, maintaining excellent uniformity while lowering system costs. A built-in check valve assures that all the drippers will turn on - when the system is fully pressurized - and off simultaneously.

Dripper Stake Assembly with PCNL dripper offers high performance for a very low cost per plant position. The Dripper Assembly! With this excellent setup, you can unleash the power of precise watering and get those plants thriving like never before.


  • Complete with white PE tubing and a 5.5-inch angle barb stake - easy and efficient installation.
  • Single dripper design with one drip stake with 36 inches of white polyethylene tubing - tailored watering perfection
  • PC-CNL dripper with pressure compensation and check valve


  • Emitter Operating Pressure Range: 10.2 - 45 psi
  • Emitter Shut-Off Pressure: 1.7 PSI
  • Recommended Filtration: 120 Mesh minimum

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