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  • Jeffrey - Jun 30th 2019

    Great Punch

    I bought this to replace punch that came with irrigation kit that I bought earlier that caused leaks in supply line. This punch is excellent and should be included in any future kits sold. I would recommend this punch to anyone needing one for their irrigation system.

  • david - Mar 30th 2019

    wears out

    I have purchased 2 of these punchs. The plastic in the plunger wears out after about 50 uses. If you plan on doing a large drip installation, I suggest purchasing a more robust punch.

  • jesse - Mar 2nd 2019

    Miracle punch

    it just kicks ass

  • Raymond - Jul 18th 2018

    Miracle Punch

    It works great, very easy to use

  • Stanley - Jul 13th 2018


    The Miracle Punch 1/4" Size (Blue) does a great job. Gets the hole placed right every time.

  • Anna - Jun 7th 2018

    Miracle :-)

    Works great! Just make sure the punch is on the right side where you want the hole. Wish I had bought this from the start- well worth it and quick!

  • john - Jun 17th 2017

    1/4 " punch

    You need this tool!!! Forget using the old push it in type.


Slip the 1/2" or 3/4" tubing completely into the channel and squeeze the handle until you hear the pop. It punches clean holes quickly and easily! This punch can make a big job much easier and is quite popular with landscapers and commercial growers.

The 1/4" Miracle Punch (PUM) punches a standard 1/4" hole which is appropriate for most 1/4" fittings and emitters. The Large Hole Miracle Punch (PUMK) punches a larger sized hole that is appropriate for Vibra-Clean. Replacement tips available (PUMTIP).

The color of the handle may vary. 

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