Manifold Nipple O-Ring

Manifold Nipple O-Ring

  • 3/4" $0.69 TMRNOR
  • 1" $0.69 TMNOR

These are replacement O-rings for Manifold Nipple Fittings.

This O-ring is a replacement for the O-ring Manifold Nipple Fittings. The O-ring should be removed, cleaned and inspected periodically. If dry, it should be lubed with O-ring lubricant (HLUBE). If damaged, it should be replaced. O-ring lubricant will prolong the lifespan of O-rings and help create a watertight seal.

TMRNOR 3/4" Nipple O-ring Fits: TMRN 1" x 3/4" Manifold Nipple

TMNOR 1" Nipple O-ring Fits: TMN 1" Manifold Nipple

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