Magnation Rainbolt Industrial

Magnation Rainbolt Industrial

  • 4" $6,499.95 MAGIND4SS
  • 6" $9,199.95 MAGIND6SS
  • 8" $10,599.95 MAGIND8SS
  • 10" $12,899.95 MAGIND10SS
  • 12" $14,699.95 MAGIND12SS

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Magnation Rainbolt Industrial units improve pressure and flow with less friction. Increase equipment longevity, reduce thermal stress and decrease maintenance down time. Reduce energy and water consumption.

Chemical-free water softener, reduces or eliminates scale, reduces in iron bacteria/iron/rust/corrosion. Improve water quality with lower TDS including high saline water, calcium, magnesium, lime, iron and other hard water issues.

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