Magical Garden Cottage Kit

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The Magical Garden Cottage Kit will make a great addition to your home garden, or an incredible gift for a loved one. Fairies and accessories are made of durable resin and beautifully crafted. This Magical Garden Cottage Kit has been individually handpicked. This kit is the perfect collection for any child or adult.

The Cottage has plenty of windows and character to attract fairy friends. The door can open and close, and there is a cute little mailbox and steps. The cottage is hallowed and can be lit up by adding LED lights (not included). The Magical Garden Cottage Kit provides hours of fun, and a decorative bench allows fairies to sit while being entertained by furry friends in the garden. A beautiful table, baskets, and wheelbarrow provide the needed tools and furniture to have a great time.

This kit will be a favorite for sure with its mini glow in the dark bees, and fairy friends it will bring your inner child out to play.

The Magical Garden Cottage Kit is the beginning of your magical world, let your imagination take over.

Kit includes:

  • One Fairy Cottage
  • One 10" x 10" Planting Box
  • One Sitting Fairy
  • Two Fairy Friends (Fairies may vary)
  • One Birdhouse
  • One Chair
  • One Tool box
  • One Bench
  • Three Baskets in assorted sizes
  • One Puppy
  • One Puppy and Kitten
  • One Watering can
  • Three Glow in the Dark Bees
  • One Garden Flower Globe
  • One bag of Moss
  • One bag of Assorted rocks
  • One bag of Crystal rocks

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