Jora Compost Tumbler (106 Gal) JK 400

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  • Douglas - Aug 25th 2020


    I put together and loaded my Jora 3 days ago. First couple of days It was hovering at 130. I read somewhere to add a slug of grass clippings to increase the heat. Which I did and voila It jumped up to 145 on the 3rd day. I am very happy with it. My only criticism would be for the company to include instructions to use ratchet straps in set up. Compressing the insulation enough to get the holes to line up is extremely difficult. I will be buying the larger model next.


This 106 gallon Jora compost tumbler is ideal for large households, schools, restaurants, and care facilities. Toss in your fruit, vegetable, and grain scraps and in no time you'll have rich, black organic compost for your garden or houseplants. Dimensions are 66" L x 32" W x 62" H.

    • Can be shipped to the contiguous US only. Additional shipping charges apply. Estimated shipping time of 2 to 3 weeks.

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