Hunter Pro C Timer

Hunter Pro C Timer

  • 3 Station Add-On Module $69.95 THPRMOD
  • 9 Station Add-On Module $329.95 THPRMOD9
  • Hunter Pro C 4 Station Exterior Timer $219.95 THPREXT4
  • Hunter Pro C 4 Station Interior Timer $199.95 THPRINT4

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This affordable, full-featured, 4 station timer is designed for both commercial and residential use. Large LCD display for simplified programming. The amount of stations can be expanded using the add-on modules (sold separately).

To expand your controller to the maximum 16 stations, first insert the 3-station module (THPRMOD) into the first expansion slot (giving you 7 stations). Then insert the 9-station module (THPRMOD9) into the upper two expansion slots (for a total of 16 stations).


  • Programming delay between stations ( 0 seconds to 4 hours)
  • Programming rain delay
  • Optional remote control


  • Stations: 4 Stations; can be expanded up to 16 with modules
  • Programs: 3 Programs
  • Start Times: Up to four per day per program
  • Duration: 1 minute to 6 hours
  • Weekly Schedule: Days of the week, odd/even days
  • Watering Intervals: 1 to 31 days
  • Valves: Use with 24 volt AC valves (sold separately)
  • Ports: Master valve/pumpstart and rain sensor with bypass
  • Battery Backup: Not necessary
  • Location:
    THPREXT: Exterior (outdoor), must be hard wired
    THPRINT: Interior (indoor), plugs into 110V outlet
  • Warranty: 2 year
  • Manufacturer's Part Number:
    THPREXT: Hunter PC-300
    THPRINT: Hunter PC-300i

Customer Reviews

Hunter pro C timer
Generally easy to use
Hunter Pro-C
Solid, weatherproof, easy to use & wire. The best quality AC timer I've run across. Lots of awesome options too with the weather station, remote, and outdoor lighting options. My only possible gripe is that the manual watering cycle seems overly complicated. Otherwise this is the best controller for the money!

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