Hose Shutoff

Hose Shutoff

  • Brass $6.95 HSOBR
  • Plastic $1.79 HSO

These fittings connect to a faucet, garden hose or any male hose end and have an inline ball valve for controlling individual rows in a garden.

Customer Reviews

Great products
I have used products from Dripworks for several years. Needed to replace several components due to winter freezing. So thankful that products are still available and are of the highest quality.
Bought 2, neither of them will shut off after a few week
Bought the plastic HSO and should have known better. Only $1.79 each but neither one will fully shut off after just a few weeks of use. Should have bought the brass but I was just too cheap! LOL
Great Product
I use this to control the flow of water to a soaker hose I added to my sprinkler system for a long flower bed. It works perfectly.
Just what I need
It’s hot here in the southwest. These shut offs allow me to use drip in in my garden, where I grow green beans, Swiss chard, tomatoes, and cucumbers.
seems great so far

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